Ickiness and Inspiration

April 29th, 2008

I was feeling good and productive yesterday, prepping an art print to go out, finishing up a proposal, and starting a new painting. The hubster got home late from a meeting and we were chatting about it on the couch, while I did a little work on the painting. All of the sudden my ear (which has been clogged all week, I believe due to allergies) felt especially clogged and was ringing loudly and I got incredibly dizzy. When I turned my head the room was spinning as if I'd had way too much to drink. I waited for the feeling to pass, holding my head still, and then told the hubster that I might want to lay down. He helped me walk towards the bedroom, but I had to sit down in the kitchen because I felt so dizzy, hot, and very nauseous. I wanted to lay down, but I also felt like I was going to be sick, so I ended up in the bathroom. I hate throwing up, but I felt like I was seasick and had no choice, but to lose my dinner. After that I got in bed, still feeling dizzy if I moved my head too much. Fortunately, after another hour or so, the dizziness subsided and I felt better and went to bed. Very weird.

Today I feel much better, though still congested and little icky. The hubster was super worried about me last night. I don't blame him as I've never been sick like that before and I can imagine it must have been weird to see me like that. He has insisted that I make a doctor's appointment and I will today even though I'm not excited about it. Too bad going to the doctor couldn't be more fun, eh? They should give out stickers to adults too.

Enough of this barfy talk, how bout some inspiration?

  • Mindy of under a pink sky has started a beautiful new blogzine called wishstudio. I love the look of it and I know it will be filled to the brim with inspiration. There's also a call for submissions if you're interested in participating!
  • I totally love this new journal made of magazine pages by Elena of Lunar Musings. It reminded me of writing letters to my best friend that were sent in envelopes made of magazine pages.
  • If you have HBO, the John Adams series was absolutely fantastic. They have it On Demand, if you have that service and it's definitely worth watching. Fabulous acting, great story, well-written. The hubster and I enjoyed it. The series was based on the book John Adams by David McCullough, which my dad read and loved.

Planning to take it easy today. I have some errands I need to run, but I'm going to cut myself some slack if they don't get done.

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Ow! Sounds like an ear infection. Can be very nasty (your ear drum can break if it gets bad enough), so the doctor appointment is an absolute must!

Oh… do look after yourself. Take it easy if you can. Sorry to hear you’re under the weather.

Definitely sounds like a bad ear infection to me also. Your symptoms described a pretty bad case of Vertigo. Do go to the doctor as soon as possible. Take care ~

thanks ladies! my neighbor suggested it might be an ear infection last night, so i looked it up online today and the symptoms of it along with the description of vertigo were spot on. i’d never experienced vertigo before. it was awful! anyways, i’ve got an appointment tomorrow morning.

sound like vertigo to me…that dizzy nausaus seasick thing? very vertigo. Nasty stuff that vertigo – comes out of no where and goes back the same…the “can’t move my head without getting nauseus” thing is most usually vertigo…dramamine/seasick cuffs – have used them all. Have been in the hospital from it too, once, with a really bad bout. But mostly it’s rest until it’s over….They can’t fix vertigo (there’s a head movement thing but it always makes me throw up so I just wait it out) unless you’re in the midst of an episode. Which is when they also diagnose it. Hope you’re done with it. I’m happy to say I don’t have attacks but every other year (knock on wood) anymore. For a while I just kept getting mild cases where I could mostly function just not look down…=] It’s an adventure.

Hi Leah-
I hope that you are feeling better.
Just want to say that your writing and art inspires me everytime I poke in here.
Take care,

Oh leah! i feel your pain! tammy nailed it. vertigo. been there, done that, got the t-shirt, sister, unfortunately on a fairly regular basis. i was dealing with it for four years before i finally got to the right doctor just last october. ear infections can definitely bring it on, and i’ve battled them my whole life. now thankfully, my doc’s got me on good drugs that balance out what has turned out to be a severe balance disorder caused by all those recurring ear infections. a great side effect of my medicine is i now sleep like baby. something i haven’t done since my girls were born. here’s one piece of advice my doctor gave me that really helps. yes, you tend to want to just keep your head as still as possible, but you also tend to want to close your eyes. it’s better to keep your eyes open and try to focus on something specific. forcing yourself to focus on something will help to slow the spinning a little quicker than closing your eyes will. hopefully this was just a one time thing for you! feel better soon!

Vertigo was my first thought too. Will be interested to learn what your doctor says and recommends.
Hope you recover completely and quickly with no more bouts.

Loved John Adams too.

sounds nasty…take care of yourself sweetie, and thanks for the mention :)


Leah, oh I hope you are better now! I am catching up, haven’t been around for some time, cause time presses me always, but today Tammy told me, (with reference to my blotch-watercolour paintings) that you are doing Splotch paintings:) So here I am catching up with all your amazing work and hope you will have a nice day, taking it easy as you said!
I’ll continue my visit, take care, love, Andrea

Bless your sweet, dear heart – er – ear!!! Sounds like you might have Meniere’s. My Aunt has it and it is treatable. It is fluid on the ear but is very miserable until you get it seen after. Take care of you, honey!

LOVE these links, especially that magazine journal. I might have to try one of those for myself. SO cool!

i really hope you’re feeling better soon, leah!! so sorry.

today is the 1st addition of “ask she” weds at my blog. be sure to stop by and participate, pretty please!

I am suffering from allergies as well and they are the worst!! Hopefully the doc can help you out! I agree, adults should get stickers at the doctor as well!

Get well soon, Leah!

I loved watching the John Adams series with Sean. We still have the last episode to watch. It is difficult for us to find alone time to watch it (especially because he is always watching the ReSoxs or Celtics play) I learned so much from watching JA ~ Sean knows more about history than me so I kept asking him questions. It was cool to be watching and learning about places while we live in MA.

I had a bad bout of vertigo a few years ago. Super annoying and took a while to diagnose. I had to go to an ear nose and throat specialist. He said the crystals in my ear were loose. I didn’t know we have crystals in our ears!

Hope you are all better soon!

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