April 8th, 2008

Oh, I'm tired! But I wanted to quickly check in to say I'm still alive and just haven't been at the computer that much with all the traveling and exploring I've been doing. I'm heading back home early in the morning and I'm ready. I miss the hubster and my snuggly meowzers.

It's been such a busy time, that I really need some time to process everything before I reflect on it too much. It was a wonderful trip, a creative adventure, and it was great fun while also being difficult at times.

Ok, so I want to share more pics from Artfest before too much time passes. Here's the stamp that I mentioned that I carved in a class with Anne Bagby. The class was supposed to be more about printing with paper, but she had a relaxed attitude towards how we approached it, so I spent the entire day on this stamp that I'd fallen in love with. Above is a pic of the stamp itself (it's about 6"x8", I believe). And below, I did my first proof back in my hotel room. I've since cleaned the stamp up some more, but I haven't re-printed it yet. I'll try again when I get home. I'm digging the design which was inspired by an Art Nouveau print. I'd love to have a pillow printed in fabric with this design or a bag maybe or a chair or a skirt. Heh.

My last class on Saturday was so much fun! It was a class with Theo Ellsworth that was all about imaginative and intuitive doodling and drawing. I'll share pics and some more info about what I did in that class soon. Needless to say, this class was right up my alley and was such a relaxing way to end my experience at Artfest. This class was held in a small building by the water. Here's the lovely view where I parked my car in the morning.

So purty! All those clouds sort of mirrored my head state this last week. A lot on my mind. My dreams were full of scary nightmares. Eek! But the lovely thing about the clouds is that they'd always part and the sun would come out.

After drawing all day, I came out of class and by my car there was a crow cawing at me from the tip top of a tree. I laughed because I'd just been drawing black birds in class (I've had loads of synchronicity going on this week!!) I pulled out my camera to take a picture, but just as I got the camera out, he flew down to the beach. So, I followed his lead.

My crow friend was soon joined by his partner and they had a fine time picking at seaweed. I stuck around and snapped some pics of them. They didn't seem to mind. They looked so stunning on the sandy beach with the waves crashing behind them. I think this has inspired a future painting.

Now I've got to finish packing up all my stuff! See you on the opposite coast!

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Welcome home, traveling Leah ! Sounds like you traveled far from home in many many ways, some good and some more challenging. A real adventure of self-discovery. I love how the crows (messenger birds) played such a role on your last day ! You even snapped their photos so you could bring their message home with you ! So cool how the universe was playing with you because you chose to be open to letting the experiences in, the good, the bad and the beautiful !
Can’t wait to hear more once you have caught your breath !
Take care, Kim

Well done on the crow pics – I think I’ve got anti-crow photo hormone as I can watch them for ages without them getting edgy but as soon as I go for my camera they are off!

And your stamp reminds me of the patterns on henna’d hands… I hope you get to make something to wear with it!

Oh, wow. Your photos are lovely – I’m just drinking in the view of the crows and the sea. And the stamp is incredible.

Hey there! I was just wondering how you were doing! How are you doing? Lovely lovely pix!

It sounds like you had a great time and learned a lot. It will be interesting to see how it influences your art.

Love the stamp itself in the 1st photo. I need to count how many rubber stamps I actually have. Shoe boxes full! I had a similar experience seeing a black crow up in a tree. I figured by the time I got my camera out of my purse, it would fly away. Then I went to a new Walmart and there was a black crow on a light crowing at me. I had to laugh. I have created some art while you have been having fun. Glad you had a good time.Come see mine…

I have been loving reading about your adventures!
That stamp is so cool!

Awesome stamp! Share material and what you carved with? I keep thinking I should make my own stamps for my art. This is absolutely inspiring -it turned out great!

Thank you for sharing bits of your experience-I am sure you art will be full of influences as well once you’ve had time to process it all.

Welcome back!

What a beautiful stamp! It would look so great on a floppy handbag. Safe traveling! xo… KB :)

Wowzas!! It looks like you had a great time at Artfest and I’m having so much fun looking at what you’ve created!!! I hope that your creative well has been filled and than, once you’ve had time to relax, you’ll be able to play with all those ideas and techniques that you learned.

Ok…I’m off to go paint. I’ll think of you while I’m doing it! :)

Great Stamp and thanks for your recent comments on my “shoes don’t fit” post.


Looks like you had an amazing time! I dream of going someday but until then I can live vicariously through you. P.S. I gave you a Pico award via my blog.

What a cool stamp! I’m thinking it would make a great rubbing template.
Have you ever done rubbings using Shiva paint sticks on fabric?

Hey great stamp. I have done some woodcuts- which in theory is almost the same thing. I loved it.

I can’t believe we missed each other!! how crazy is that? my friend Mindy was in Theo’s class with you (red head with tattooed eyebrows) she really liked it.

I still haven’t posted since I got back cause it’s gonna take me all week to get my life in order . . .

Oh don’t leave! We were close to that water just a few days ago. Well I’m glad you had a wonderful time. Can’t wait to hear all the details. The last picture was my favorite and yes, I think would make an excellent painting of yours.

Really like your stamp you created.
I made one on linolium years ago in
high school of a Santa Claus.

I’d like to learn how to do it again.

What a fun trip to take!

Have a Blessed Creative Healthy Year!!!

This looks so good! I love the stamp that you created there. What fun! I can just imaging a funky lampshade or something stamped with that. Great stuff :)

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