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April 30th, 2008


I have no clue what my cat, Tabbers is doing here, but he stayed like this for quite a while. Perhaps he thinks no one can see him since he can't see anyone with his head tucked under the shower curtain. Well, if that's the case, then I suppose I should tell him that his big orange butt and gi-normous fuzzy tail gave him away. Every so often he'd peek his head out to see if anything interesting was going on and then he'd go back to his hide-a-way.


I've felt a bit like Tabbers, wanting to pull the covers over my head, the last couple days. Especially with that weird vertigo attack, which totally threw me for a loop. I had my doctor's appointment and unfortunately, it didn't help explain what happened. I had some wax in my ears, which they kindly cleared out and then my doctor did all sorts of tests with reflexes and walking toe to heel and holding my hands out with my eyes shut, I suppose to test for neurological problems or balance issues or drunken driving or something. But besides having clogged ears, I felt fine today, so there wasn't much to test. And, once my ears were cleared of waxy build-up (yum), my doctor said both ears looked totally fine and uninfected. Good news for my ears, but unsatisfying to me as I'd really love to know why I got so ill out of the blue on Monday evening and I'd love to prevent it from happening again. From a couple comments on the last post, it seems that attacks of vertigo can happen to people without explanation. Yuck. I'd like to never experience that again, thank you very much! What if I'd been driving? Or even out somewhere? I was completely and totally disabled by the dizziness and nausea (and vomiting) for a couple hours that night. Also unsatisfying, is the fact that my ear is still totally clogged and ringing. My doctor says allergies are probably the culprit and to keep trying the allergy meds (which haven't helped at all so far). And of course I should call her back right away if the vertigo comes back. Hmmph. Well, I shouldn't complain. At least it's not an ear tumor or something. I had Arnold Schwarzenneger in my head all morning saying, "It's not a too-ma!" Hehe.

Since I didn't get any stickers from the doctor and I was already in the city, after the appointment, I got some lunch and then browsed around in Blick. I needed a couple things anyways, but I took my time enjoying the pretty papers, paints, and displays. Where you walk in from the parking garage, there's a display of children's art supplies and books which are so colorful, I almost always stop to see what they've got. Today it was the tubes of glitter that caught my eye and this great book, (which I stopped to read), Drawing for the Artistically Undiscovered by Quentin Blake. This book is so fabulous; it has loads of great art exercises and such a great attitude. The author takes such a light (and very funny) approach to art and creativity that I believe it could really help unblock anyone who is afraid to try drawing or is just stuck in their own art-making. Yes, this book is for kids, but I think anyone could enjoy it. I know I would!

In the intro there's a section called, "How Do I Criticize My Art Properly?" The author explains that on each page there's an area where you can write your negative comments and then there's an a big arrow pointing to the microscopic square where you are invited to write your negative comments about that page, because that's how important they are. Hehe.

The book was part of a series from Klutz books and it looked like there were some other fun titles by them such as: A Book of Artrageous Projects (which was done in partnership with the Metropolitan Museum of Art), Lettering in Crazy, Cool, Quirky Style, and Paper Fashions: Design Your Own Style.

If you're needing some instant inspiration, be sure check out the lovely Erin of Design for Mankind's latest e-zine of Inspiration, which you can now view online.

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~~~get well vibes for you~~~
I love Klutz books! I have several (yes, I have them, not dd ;) )including the ARTrageous projects.

If you have allergies you might check to see if you have an over growth of yeast in your body. I do have a spit test on my blog list I think. There are other tests too. One of my brothers had allergies for years. I kept telling him to get checked for Candidasis(Overgrowth of yeast). His allergies got so bad to the point his tounge would swell. He asked his doctor about the yeast thing and the doctor didn’t think he had it, but he’d give him medicine for it anyway. He was allergic to the medicine. Which isn’t good anyway for the liver. So he went to using the natural way of getting rid of it. That stopped his allergic reactions. You might go to a Naturopathic Doctor and see if they can figure it out.

Thanks for stopping by. I still haven’t found what I want to finish my pinafore yet.

I love children’s art book’s! You learn a lot from them.
I even check out some kids books to read. As I have a grand child and am looking for books for her. They are fun to read just before going to sleep. I pick them up at the library. I love the illustrations in them also.

God Bless Your Health and Creative Life!!!

Get Well!!!

PS. Cats are so funny!

You are a SWEETHEART!!! :)

Leah, I hope you get over it and it never, ever comes back OR you get to the bottom of it and get better. Most things that I get are like that and it’s MADDENING!! My primary care doctor is a naturopath now. It seems like the orientation is on just making you feel better now not on getting rid of what’s really wrong. Anyway, prayers and good energy sent your way, O xxoo

I purchased several Klutz books including the artistically undiscovered – I am firmly convinced that my artist self is a child – isn’t everyone’s? They’re fun.

The vertigo thing can be a onetime occurnce – with allergies and allergy meds it can create a problem that comes and then just goes.

Aren’t cats hilarious? Mine does things like this too. So cute.

I hope you get to feeling better VERY soon!

Hello Leah!

This is my first visit to your blog – I love the adorable pics of the kitty. They do the cutest things =)

I would love to join in on your Creative Every Day 2008 challenge if it’s not too late (hard to believe today’s the first of May – whoo!)

Best wishes!

A vertigo thing happened to me one time. I woke up with the room spinning….. I was diagnosed with this:

The eyes flipping from side to side as you watch the room go round is one of the diagnostic clues…..

It can be fixed by going through a series of positions of your head/neck/body, which moves the little grain-of-sand-like piece of calcium out where it won’t bother you.

Much easier to deal with, when you know how to FIX it.

Maybe that is what happened to you? The “instant fix” is one of the clues, I think…..

As for the stuffed-up ear, drink water like a fish. If you are well-hydrated, your body can get rid of the trapped fluid easier…..

Now this cat is really quirky too.
Fun to see what other’s kitties are doing, while mine is tearing up the newspapers in his own dear neurotic way.

Glad the doc didn’t dx vertigo…or did she?
Wax build up and flu maybe?
I too hope it does not happen again.
It did happen to my collague while driving and he had to pull over and call his wife to come get him.
Good luck (to all of us) with this one.

you will get to know the symptoms of early onset vertigo (you will not get caught in a car driving). Your poster about the grain of sand (rocks as I like to call them) in your head is right: lots of fluids (I use gator ade). Nothing to do with wax. For me it does have to do with colds (and, oddly enough, winter and summer solstice although the docs think I’m crazy – I’ve calendared it..sometimes the full of the moon – all having to do with water), so allergies could do it too. I also found acupuncture great a relieving the symptoms. The roll your head around thing? makes me puke.

I hope you won’t suffer any more Vertigo attacks. My Mum gets them regularly and she hates it.

Cute kitty!

Your kitty pictures are cracking me up. Have you ever seen those lolcats? I email them to my kids all of the time. I could laugh for hours over those.
Glad your feeling better. My allergies are horrible right now too and I bet that was the reason behind your vertigo.

My sister called me yesterday and said she’d just had the flu with severe dizziness, throwing up and diarrhea. I said that didn’t sound like flu but she said her daughter (a school nurse) says lots of people are getting it like that. Could be what you had. It sounds unlikely as a go-around illness but I guess it is one.

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