A Lovely Day to Share Some Inspiration

May 3rd, 2008

Last night, I started working on a new painting. It's got some very soft and summery colors going on, reminds me of a bleached out Grecian scene, which I'm enjoying thoroughly. Paint is yummy.

I've been noting some lovely stuff going on amongst the Creative Every Day Challenge folks and thought I'd pass some of it along. Sometimes there's almost too much inspiration out there! On occasion, I need to pull myself away just so that I don't spend all day looking at inspiration and not do anything with it! Well, some days it's good to be a sponge. Sometimes you do need to soak things in, fill the well. And then some days are action days, where you need to wring yourself out and see what all the various experiences, conversations, books, quotes, blog posts, art, design, nature, food, dreams and synchronicities will become when you stir them all together and create. So, are you ready to soak up some inspiration? Good, let's go.

- Jim (a new CED member) has a delicious recipe for steamed artichokes that I'm going to make this week. Artichokes are so beautiful aren't they? Jim has also joined in the May sketchbook challenge. They have a blog for it here and the pages look awesome!

-Hanna of iHanna's Creative Space moderates this awesome flickr group all about art studios! How fun is it to peek into other people's spaces?! I have a wild fascination with seeing the interiors of other people's homes. I love looking at real estate sites to look at potential future houses, but I also just love looking at how people decorate.

-Wendy has posted a video tutorial on making your own stamps.

-Have you heard about the 100 mile diet?  Magical Muse is participating in a 100 feet diet challenge! She wrote about some of the things she's making at home (sounds yummy!) There's so much creative thinking going on with challenges like this. Very cool.

- Waltraud has made the loveliest little ipod bag for her daughter. I love the colors and fabric!

For me, this morning's creativity was expressed in a pancake sampler made with the hubster. We made plain, banana, and blueberry varieties. And oh, they were delicious. :-) Hope your weekend is a wonderfully creative one!

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Thanks for your lovely note and these great links! much love, Amy

I don’t know if I already told you but it is something that every artist, illustator and photograher needs to know about.
It will expose your art to commerical infringement. Every photo that was every posted on the internet. That includes paintings to family photos.

I won’t go into all the details. You can click on Posted by: Flassie and it will take you to Brenda Pinnicks blog and post about it. She has the information there.
Don’t let the title fool you. It’s not about Orphans. It will make all unregistered works potential Orphans.

Really like your Lady of the Lakes!

God Bless Your Creative Life!!!

I have to tell you lady of the lake is my favorite
work you have done (that i have seen)

you are so enchanting with your work…

and i must say i am craving a banana pancake now…


I’ve finally come by to say hi and to catch up with you. Oh, I’ve missed you! But now my crazy life has finally slowed down enough and I look forward to reading my favorite blogs on a regular basis again. You always inspire me because you are always up to so much!! :) I love ya, dear Leah. And thank you for all your comments lately. I have been thinking about you lots!

Hi Leah,

Your comment out how there can sometimes be just too much inspiration sometimes fall right in with how I am feeling this Sunday !!! Feeling the need to focus, focus, focus but feeling too fuzzy to do so ! In the limbo between inspiration and action, I guess ! I did manage to do a post today – included a pic of my work space if you feel like peeping! I love seeing how other live too !
Take care,


Love the lady of the lakes. Hey come see my blog and what inspired some creativity in my whole life! The man himself!

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