Creative Every Day: May 19th – May 25th, 2008

May 19th, 2008

CED2008 participants! Feel free to leave a comment here with a link to post(s) about your creative activities during the week of 5/19/08 -5/25/08.

Happy creating!

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Not been good at posting comments/links, but apart from my daily photo at, I’ve been blogging at and – been resting due to laryngitis so my laptop has been my best friend!

Hi, I stepped out last week and used a porcupine puppet to deal with some difficult emotional experiences. It was a creative way of healing for me, plus it was a Be Brave type challenge as I have never done anything like this before :)

I have been working with Creative Every Day this year and benefiting a lot, just been quiet about it!

I finished an 8 by 8 piece about a little black dress, and i also have been creating these fun little collage houses.

I’ve had a pretty productive weekend, finished a few projects and started on a few more. Here’s my latest piece finished and then on flickr a bunch more I’m working on:

I love seeing what everyone has done. Me, I’ve just been busy learning and playing.

I am still doing tiles; here is another floral that I have not shown before. Soon I will photograph my newest tiles. Then it will be time to start on some bigger pieces; I would like to return to acrylics painting or pastels

I’ve been blogging here:
You can see some pages from Julianna Coles’ class at Hampton, VA

As I am readjusting to being back form India, I will be posting my thoughts and visual memories of my time there. Because of the weather and other factors, I was not able to do much artwork while I was there. It was more of an inward experience for me, and turned out to be much more spiritual than I had anticipated.

I have prepared photos on card green stock, put them together with matching envelopes and in clear cellophane envelopes getting them ready for sale at the local art gallery. Most are flowers, some are owls and dragonflies from our local environs. Later I will try ETSY and a larger audience of potential customers.

I am also making “car-art” mats (cotton place mat sized) mats quilted to take along on a month long car trip this summer to embroider on my lap while in the car. They will be gifts for those who house us on the way. So far I have produced ten, I need 13, so three to go.

I forgot to add my link:

It has been a crazy couple of months at work…too tried to even think straigh much less create. But I’m starting to get back to my old self and feeling very happy. Here is something recent…

hi-I have had the BEST creative last 2 weeks—I think I have my first textile design job!!! — I have been in textile design school for awhile (going on 3 years) here: so I am excited about finally getting some work.

I just put a small drawing/painting mixed media piece up on my blog :
and I am close to finishing 2 more….

oh yes–I forgot to say–I LOVE the new look!

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