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May 23rd, 2008

There are a lot of Creative Every Day 2008 participants, so much creativity!! It can be hard to keep up with, so I like to share links on occasion to participant blogs, so you can see what's happening with the wonderfully creative people on the list to the right. 


-Kira of a girl and her journal, has some great tutorial videos on her blog and she's also teaching an online art journal workshop, Artistic Alchemy, this summer that sounds very cool. I love the banner she made for it!!

-There are some wonderful creations being posted on the Creative Every Day flickr group. Go see for yourself and post your own work if you'd like!

-artandtea has a picture of a journal page she's working on with such gorgeous beadwork in it!!

-Wendy of Hammermarks has posted a link to an interview (starts around 32 minutes in) she did about her participation in the VisArts festival. Wendy makes gorgeous jewelry, definitely go see what she's making!

-Lynn of Getting my Feet Wet has created a beautiful selection of cards with her photographs on them to sell in a local gallery and soon she'll have them on etsy too. Great job, Lynn!

-Cathy of Partly Paper has vintage images up on her blog that she's invited anyone to download and use in their own art. How sweet! Thanks Cathy!

Enjoy and Happy Creating!!

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Leah, thank you for mentioning my blog and cards here.
When I click on Partly Paper and Vintage pictures below the paragraph about my blog it takes me back to my blog. I can get to the others but this one continually comes back to me. You might want to check your link.

oops! thanks for the heads up, lynn! the links are all fixed now.

You are so good at showcasing the participants, Leah! You’ve created a galaxy with this wonderful challenge. I’m up late and will go check out more of the links! I finally posted today referencing CED! It’s “The Color Purple” post. So many creative challenges! Talk about Abundance…!

: ) Cheryl

Thank you so much Leah for mentioning me! You rock!

Hi Leah,
Thanks for mentioning me and for your very kind words!

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