Creative Every Day: May 5th – May 11th, 2008

May 5th, 2008

CED2008 participants! Feel free to leave a comment here with a link to post(s) about your creative activities during the week of 5/5/08 -5/11/08.

Happy creating!

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My creative work this week is songwriting everyday. i’m working towards recording my next cd in july – so this month is dedicated to finishing the ‘half dones!’

I have been VERY busy creatively! and having a lot of fun!

I’d like to join the Creative EveryDay Challenge :)

How bout creative every other day,LOL.

Eek! I’m not quite creative enough to be up for this challenge, but I’ll be cheering you on from the dugout! :)

hey thanx for the comments…. and YES , its very good to back your stuff up! we know! our computer crashed right after we did back it up!

I am still keeping busy with the tiles. I have about 60 altogether that I am putting the finishing touches to; hoping to get them into a local shoppe in July.
Congrats to Tammy on another first place!
and I don’t have a twitter yet… am I the last one? I am still reluctant of flickr pages… I suspect I am be slow to change as I age? hmmmmm….

Dd gave me some IceCream and I added something on top that would be a part of my CrEtvDay.

May Calendar and a link to March that will explain a bit more about it.

The sketchbook challenge has pushed me to do things everyday. I’m not sure most of it is any good, but it’s good just to do it. They say people form habits in just 21 days (or something close to that). I intend to keep drawing everyday once the challenge is complete.

Anyhoo, I like how this one turned out:


I DID try the ink (great idea, thanks). It is more even than a sharpie, but still bleeds. I’m using pen brushes with multiple layers…

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