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May 26th, 2008

Oh, it's so lovely out. I'm out on my porch right now enjoying the warm breeze. It's definitely shorts weather, but I totally need to shave my legs if I'm going to go anywhere besides my porch. Hehe.


Creativity galore! I love infusing a bit of creativity into little things like prepping a gift. I had a bridal shower to attend this weekend and the large pile of towels I got as a gift wasn't going to fit into a regular sized gift bag, so I bought an inexpensive large white bag and decorated it. I used a stamp of leaves down the side in brown ink and then used blue markers to draw in circle flowers. I used a blue piece of card stock to make a matching card and some ribbon I had stashed away to attach the card and pretty-up the top of the bag. We were asked to bring a recipe to the shower, so I used another piece of blue cardstock (leftover from my own wedding stuff) to write the recipe out on with a purty matching flower. Presto-change-o, a personalized gift.

Fun linkage share of the day: Connie at Dirty Footprint Studios shared a link to an art talk radio interview with Suzi Blu that I enjoyed listening to. I'm going to be doing a blog talk radio interview with Lia of Art Junk Girl in the next couple weeks!

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What a darling wrapping job you did! Personalized gifts are the best!!! Looking forward to hearing your interview later on.

OMG THIS IS THE CUTEST WRAPPING! :) You are such a doll to put that much thought into a gift. I just love it! :)

How sweet and thoughtful. No doubt it will be treasured.

You always have the best gifts! Love how you did the bag and card.

love you special touch…can’t weait for the interview!

Love the new look! Thanks so much for inspiring me with your art and words! Have a beautiful day, Leah!

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