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May 21st, 2008

Here's some of the art I've been working away on the last couple days. Penelope's Web (above, still in progress) is coming along nicely. It's a bit hard to see here, but the ocean has maps collaged into it and there are objects in the sea (a boat and an octopus). The latest bit of painting has been done on the easel, which is different because it seems like I've been painting everything on a table lately. Much of this piece was done on a table, but I got the feeling like the easel would be helpful and put it to use. Having organized my stuff a little better has also allowed access to my easel which is often covered with artwork. I would love to have one of those wooden racks for stacking larger canvases as there's only so much wall space I have to work with and things tend to get damaged when propped against the wall.

Above is the latest on the encaustic piece (Little Boy Blue, 6"x6"), I started in the weekend workshop. I used some oil paint stick over the lines I'd carved to make the silhouette a little more clear. After wiping away the excess, I think it did the trick. I had other ideas in mind, but I'm liking the simplicity, so I think I'll be leaving it as is.

I love making art.

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I love both of these pieces, and the white oil paint stick definitely brought the encaustic peice together. What kind of ground did you use?

I really like what you’ve done with Penelope so far.
Do you like working on an easel better than flat? I know that I do, especially since I find that I almost always stand when I paint. My movements are too restricted when I sit! Not all my art can be done on an easel, so then I’m usually standing at my drafting table that dh gifted me with many years ago.
Thanks for sharing the floating teacup link. Something so surreal about that image.

came by to get your quote from yesterday and saw Penelope’s Web. Wow!. nuff said.

I’m enjoying watching the painting develop, even if some of the details don’t come through the photo.

That piece is amazing!

Penelope’s Web is coming along beautifully. I really appreciate you letting us view the process of your work. I learn so much from that. And I also love the simplicity of Little Boy Blue. It is very texturally appealing.
Thanks you for the compliment on my pendant. Means much coming from you.

Wowza— do you ever stop? :)

I LOVE these pieces…They are going to be stunning! Creativity…what a power surge!!

I love making art.

it shows. :)

yay for wax! love it. definitely leave it as is.

oh my, Leah, both of these pieces are breathtaking!
I’m so thankful that you love to make art and that you share yourself and it with all of us.
xo lia

Oh, the little boy blue encaustic is LOVELY. something about it really sings to me … and I really like the new banner – the person holding the lamp, the birds, it really speaks “creativity” to me (of course, my own feelings about creativity, light, sparks, etc. are pretty clear!!)

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