I’d Rather Be in the Studio

May 23rd, 2008

The lovely and talented Tammy Vitale is hosting Alyson Stanfield today on her blog book tour for, I'd Rather Be in the Studio!: The Artist's No Excuse Guide to Self Promotion. Besides writing, Alyson is also an artist consultant, workshop leader, and writes at the Art Biz Blog.

As part of the blog book tour, Alyson is answering a question at each stop. Tammy's question was about how to write an article about your art for a magazine. Check out Alyson's answers here.

I took an online class with Alyson Stanfield last summer around art marketing and I'm still in touch with some of my classmates! It was very helpful in getting me to think about how I talk about my art and how I promote myself. I still have quite a bit to learn when it comes to self promotion, so I'm sure the book would be a big help! Actually, it was Alyson's advice that recently inspired me to re-do my banner to include my name in it.

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Leah, thanks for checking in at my blog today. I’m glad you like my photo art cards. And since I am starting to sell them (first in our local art gallery, and later/soon on my blog) this book will probably be really good for me. Not to mention for selling my art quilts as well.

So thanks for all your continued inspiration and encouragement.

I just finished cleaning up my “studio” as we are having family over tomorrow and I didn’t want the grandkids to get stuck on any fallen pins, G_dforbid, and they needed a path around the new “design table” to get to their toys. Oh dear what has grandma done here? ;-)

I love your new banner. It’s very beautiful.

I love the new banner, Leah and IMHO seeing your name in it is so practical.

Leah, I love your header! That is awesome! The colors are so alive and rich. Great job!

Leah, Love your new header!!!

Leah – thanks for the shout out!

I love the new banner.

Leah: Thanks for the mention! You should be one of my affiliates and make some money from your links to my book: http://artbizcoach.com/affiliates

Loved visiting!

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