New Cure for Migraines

May 18th, 2008

A new cure for migraines: Whale socks! (plus excedrin and a dark room, your results may vary.)

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WOW those are great socks!

Whale socks are a brilliant solution to the headache problem.

I find that wearing them to potentially uncomfortable meeting at work prevents the common headache (if not migraine), which is a common by-product of said meetings. Target has a great selection of *fun* socks. When things turn south during a meeting, I can sit back, nod and remember that I’m actually wearing hot pink argyle socks (or, whales, monkeys, witchy-poo-stripes or similar).

Smooooooth sailin’!

Heehee, LOVE THEM!

Such cute socks ! Laughter is always the best medicine, isn’t it ?! I think the socks and a foot rub by someone who loves you would just put this migraine remedy over the top !!!
Take care, Leah !

Have you ever tried Advil? I couldn’t find anything that worked until I tried Advil for Migraines (extra strength). Works like a charm.

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