Oh Bee-have!

May 27th, 2008

Yikes. The older I get, the more I can't contain the puns.

I was feeling a bit stressed earlier, worked myself into a veritable tornado of anxiety. As I apply to various things (shows, galleries, agents, etc...) this sometimes happens. Is it fear of rejection? I'm sure it is in part, but the truth is that rejection isn't all that bad. I can handle it. So what is it that's causing my heart to race? Some underlying fear of being judged or being not good enough seems to be part of it. What an unpleasant feeling. In order to calm myself down, I needed to go sit outside and read for awhile. The cool post-storm air and a grounding book along with some cat snuggles helped bring me back down to earth.

Tonight, I feel calm again and I decided to do some fun art. This week's Inspire Me Thursday theme was "whimsy." Earlier in the day, an image of houses carried by balloons popped into my head, so I scribbled it down quick in my sketchbook and carried on. Later in the day, I was thinking on the combo of aqua and red and decided that I could do that quite nicely with the idea I'd sketched out. The idea of it is whimsical I think.


When I finished the houses and balloons, I noticed a small white spot on the paper that looked like a bee hovering over the house. I decided to draw him in along with another small one at the top. More whimsy!

How did it get so late? Oh, I'm sleepy...But before I go, some links!

-Erin of Design for Mankind has created another gorgeous zine, which you can read here. This issue is all about inspiration in nature.

-Looking for some places to submit your artwork? The Art Deadlines list runs a blog with a wide range of opportunities.

-Want to learn how to draw a face? So much of it is in the proportions. This video is a great place to start!

And that's all she wrote, for tonight.

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Lovely to meet you through the net, thanks for visiting me.
Your art is wonderful. As I look around your site I find myself thinking that whimsy is great for most that I am seeing. You have a lovely style and i love this piece, houses hanging from balloons, simple and charming.

I can’t say this enough – your work is so inspiring and so beautiful – that I so enjoy checking our your new blog entries and seeing what beauty you have created.
With that being said, however, I can totally emphasize with the feeling of anxiety when waiting for other people’s feedback on our art. I’m just starting to sell my work, and every time I get ready to go to a fair, I feel like I would rather crawl under the covers because I fear other people’s opinion of me and always wonder whether I’m good enough.
So regardless of what the people from whom you are awaiting responses say, I say you are awesome at what you do. Your work is beautiful and shows immense talent. Keep going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For me the fear is of not being considered an artist which is probably why I rarely call myself one…

Your whimsical pictures remind me of Pooh Bear and his adventures with the balloon and bees… and you can’t get much more whimsical than that… though it might be interesting to think why you substituted a house for a bear ;-)

Love this art piece, it’s both cute and fun! And it makes you think a lot… where are the bees moving? Or is it that they live up there in the clouds and haven’t told us yet? :-)


I love, LOVE, L.O.V.E. this! I love the colors, my favorite combo. I of course love the name! I love the whimsy of it! Great Job!!!!

Karen Mowrey

love your links sections these days….have you the new improved version of typepad yet? I can’t get my links to work; another tells me how and it doesn’t work for me (already tried it)…just wondering..

I get like that too about my art. I think for me it is the fear of the unknown. Not necessarily feeling a lack of confidence, but just not knowing what to expect.
I am proud of how you continuously put yourself out into the world.
You really do exude creativity in so many ways.
hope you are enjoying the sunshine again today!

I love the whimsy painting. Do you think maybe
our fear of judgement started as a child?

Example: One of my neices told me her teacher would
rave about this one boy’s art that was in her class but didn’t say much about her art.

I told her that I wouldn’t let it bother her because people have different tastes. It’s just like choosing to wear a piece of clothing. Everyone has a different style they like to wear. People like different cars, foods, etc.

Your a very talented artist Leah with a wonderful imagination!!! I can see this piece in several different places. In a magazine, cover of a book, inside a childs book, prints, on the cover of a music CD, etc. The possibilities are endless.

I see Elsa Mora is in the zine. She is
having a giveaway right now. If you click
posted by Flassie it will take you to her site.

God Bless You and Yours & Your Creative Everday’s!!!

I like the rich red and the blues of this one. Great news I have a piece of art a friend wants to buy! It is something I have not put on the blog yet but will soon. Going on vacation. Just wondering what you would sell a 3×5 mixed media for?

I can so totally relate to the feeling of doubting yourself and your art. I love your work and I think you are a very talented artist. I hope the moment has passed and you are inpsired to create something just fabulous.

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