Rare Bird Finds!

May 16th, 2008

Check it out! Today, I'm the guest editor of a special Etsy-themed Fab 5 Friday at Rare Bird Finds! I got to highlight five products on Etsy that I think are cool. It was super hard to pick just five.

I've loved checking out the selections at Rare Bird Finds, so it's especially fun to get to participate. Go see the fabulous etsy items I picked out and while you're over at etsy, check out the selection of prints I've got for sale here.

3 Responses

I will have to check out your picks Leah – how fun!

Hope you are well.


Congrats on being picked to do the Fab 5! I love your picks, especially the delicious looking soap :) Fabulous!

congratulations on your guesting! How fun! Was just reading through and catching up with your life – whew, come on down and declutter me. I keep trying but it grows faster than I can get rid of it. Re your couch: try a dark purple/mustard print.

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