Stretch Yo-Self!

May 24th, 2008

I worked on the Penelope's Web painting some more tonight, but it's not done quite yet. While waiting for parts to dry, I felt like doing something else. I was inspired by Jen Worden's "Stretch Yourself" Challenge which I've wanted to play along with, but never got around to doing before now. Jen recently changed the challenge from a weekly challenge to a monthly one. For the month of May (which isn't over yet, so give it a shot!), the challenge is to create a triptych using some kind of tape, some object from your junk drawer, and a word.

I used 3 postcards (each 3.5"x5.5") as the base and then used paper collage, ink, marker, paint on top of that. I chose two items (a fake coin and sailboat charm) and wrote the word "Risk" on the center card. I didn't do too much planning and let it kind of flow out. I didn't choose the word until after the collage came together as it seemed to fit. Plus it was the word I related to my dream lynx, so it seemed especially appropriate.

The hubster is out of town on business, so I had an evening to spread out with my art supplies and watch Harry Potter. hehe. The cats and I had a blast. What can I say, that's my idea of a perfect night. Simple pleasures.

The synchronicities have continued today which has been very cool. At the crack of dawn, I'll be up to welcome a delivery of some new furniture and then I think I'll be going directly back to sleep. Well, since I do need to get up early, I should definitely be hitting the hay about now. Sweet dreams. I hope your weekend is a wonderfully creative one!

One doesn't discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time. -Andre Gide

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I love this triptych and its a great way to move from the lynx dream to exploration.

Beautiful! I’ll have my response to the challenge done probably today, let me know what you think of it when I post it.

I love the triptych. What a great idea. I will check out the challenge! How fun!

Sounds like a great night to me too! We actually finally got around to watching Juno last night. Cute movie. Love your tri thingy. The world map with the brown is beautiful.

I love your new banner!

great job participating in Jen’s challenge! congrats to you :)

Your triptych is looking fabulous, Leah!

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