Creative Decorating & De-Cluttering

May 15th, 2008

The hubster and I are in re-decorating mode. We've been selling, clearing and generally getting rid of things that were cluttering up our apartment while also purchasing some new items and doing some inexpensive re-decorating to make our current abode a more enjoyable place to live. Being in home limbo has made us uninterested in fixing up a place that we don't own, but we do have a great space and it's always more inspiring to be living in a well cared for environment. Plus, I feel my energy boosted up by the opportunity to do some creative decorating!

Last night we had someone pick up the elliptical machine that was taking up so much space in our apartment, was a major eyesore, and neither of us enjoyed using. It would have been a major pain in the bum to move and we got someone to come and take it apart, move it out, and paid us for it. Woohoo! That was the biggest thing to leave. We also got rid of the moldy couch on our porch/balcony and replaced it with some inexpensive patio furniture from Tar-jay. We ate outside last night and it was so nice! I posted an old t.v. table that we'd been using to hold an old stereo system on craigslist. We gave it away for free, but it was so heavy (and ugly), that we were both ecstatic to have someone else (who actually wanted it) come pick it up! Tonight someone is coming to pick up our older stereo. I was holding onto this one because it was a gift from my dad and I've always had trouble with getting rid of gifts (even if they are really old and/or I never use them.) Andrew suggested my super thrifty dad would appreciate the fact that I got some money for it (which is definitely true.) I was also encouraged by earlier posts from Christine Kane about releasing your clutter. We'll soon be releasing some more old items from our space and creating a more open and inviting space to live in. I'm excited about it.

One of the things we've done to spruce up the place is to get a couch cover for our slightly torn up couch. What a huge difference that made!! I have a strong dislike for the throw pillows we have and I'd like to find some new ones, get pillow covers to put over them or if I'm feeling extremely ambitious (since I know close to nothing about sewing) sew some pillow covers. Any suggestions? The couch cover is brown, the rug is deep red and the walls are off-white with dark wood furniture. In the next couple months, I've also got a strong desire to paint our kitchen. It really needs a painting. If it were ours, I'd say it needs to be gutted and re-done completely. But a paint job would make a big difference.

Need some more creative inspiration?

  • Fellow Creative Every Day 2008 participant, Karen has a fantastic d.i.y. post about how to frame your artwork with lots of great pictures!
  • Bread & Honey, a blog by two friends who love food, is chock full of pictures and recipes. Beware, the pictures will make your mouth water. Do not do what I just did and look at it when you're hungry!
  • Are you a book under-liner and quote keeper? If so, you might like the look of this Woodland Reader Kit, found on Cut Out + Keep. I also like the story she shared about the initiative in Tel Aviv to give every baby born there a poetry book. The maker of this kit also sells them on etsy here.
  • Speaking of Etsy, I'm participating in a fun etsy related project tomorrow, so do stay tuned!
  • And if you'd like to see the prints I have available at etsy, here's the link.

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hmmm, maybe I could make you some pillow covers…I feel a field trip to the fabric store coming on!!

Hi Leah,
As usual, your posts are just what I need to hear. Decluttering, making room, etc is all that I’m trying to get a handle on, and a momentum myself; so thank you! I’ll take one step at a time, prioritzing..I’ll get there too!

And..thank you for inventing Creative Everyday 2008! Please count me in!
by the way… I hightlighted your project this month! feels good to be among my creative sisters :)

Wow you got someone to pay you to let them take that thing away (what is an elliptical machine?) – that is amazing. Well done, truly.

I’m not yet managing to do Carla’s challenge this week on
which is to get rid of something that someone else will actually want (rather than just throwing something out)… thanks for reinspiring me on this one.

pillow cases are really easy to sew, and they can be a great canvas for your art. You could make them out of lightweight canvas (you may even be able to buy them at Michaels), and then paint them with acrylics. Sew three sides, and glue velcro on the fourth side, so you can remove them and change them when you get the urge. Slip in a foam pillow form and you are done!

You could also just take large squares of a material that coordinates with your couch cover, and wrap it around your old pillows. make sure your cloth is large enough. Then put the old pillow on top of the cloth diagonally, so you can fold over the two corners of the cloth from the left and right. Bring the two corners at top and bottom together and tie a big knot. Tuck the ends underneath.

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