A Plum Daffy Adventure

June 9th, 2008

I didn't want to let too much time go by without writing about my fantastic weekend! We had tried organizing another mini-art retreat weekend like we had last year at Jes's home, but none of the dates were working for everyone, so I ended up doing a brief, but inspiring 24 hours with Jes and Tammy. I met the girls up in Kennebunkport, Maine and we headed out immediately for some flea-marketing. I'm not sure where there are flea markets like this around me, but it seems like there are a plethora in Maine, so I was excited to look for some fun stuff. Jes has some pictures of this part of the day because I was too excited and forgot about my camera. I found some pretty aqua bottles that caught my eye, a diary of poetry written in German from the 1890's, and some other fun ephemera.

old gas pump in kennebunkport

We had some lunch and some good chats during the day, sharing some thoughts on art and whatnot. In the afternoon we shopped around Kennebunkport and I was nearly tempted by a beautiful Orla Kiely bag that was on sale, but I held back. I wasn't one hundred percent and those bags are too pricey for an impulse buy unless I'm totally in love. We saw some cute shops and some super touristy ones and then in the early evening we had the best time wandering around town with our cameras taking pictures of each other taking pictures.

Jes & Tammy

We attended an art opening where we were inspired by a mermaid statue which we're all going to paint this summer. So there was lots of picture taking of the lovely mermaid. We had a great dinner and then I pretty much crashed directly afterwards. In the morning I visited the garden center where Tammy works and gleefully wandered the rows of flowers taking pictures of everything. Garden centers and greenhouses are so inspiring to me and I was glad to have my camera to capture the amazing shapes that flowers create along with all the stunning color.

so many pretty flowers

The drive home wasn't too bad. It felt too hot to do any antiquing on the way home and I was happy to get back to the hubster, run a few errands, and then take a nap in our air conditioned bedroom. Unfortunately, I can't spend 24 hours in the bedroom, so today the heat was monstrous again and I feel like a wilted tulip.

slurp, perfect dew catchers

So I'm glad I have these pretty flowers to make me smile while I sweat all over my laptop. Hee. More of my pics from the weekend are here. Got some drawings to share later. Hope your weekend was a wonderfully creative one!

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Sounds like great fun. I used to spend Memorial weekend every year with my sister. She’d take me to all her favorite garden centers. I have some lovely plants in my garden from those days. Somehow the busyness of life has let those weekends get away, but I think we’ll have to resume the tradition. Thanks for sharing your fun time & the beautiful pics.

Sounds and looks like a perfect girl time weekend ! You have some lovely flower shots there ! That statue is beautiful too – a great inspiration piece for your friends. Thanks for sharing your bliss !

I totally FORGOT about the Orla bags!!! SEE!!! I didn’t need the damn expensive thing anyway! HA!

ANYHOO…I just had the most wonderful time with you two! AND I AM thinking about my mermaid piece…I actually want to get right on it. You know how I told you my Mom has a collection of vintage shell art? Well in that same entryway, she also has mermaid things. When she saw the photo of the mermaid on my blog, she commented that she wanted a photo too. I think I can do one better and make her a piece of mermaid art for her B-day!

OK sweetie…I have to get ready for work. (poop)

Tell Andrew not to be too threatened by Dino.


That’s awesome. I’m glad you three ladies had such a fun day. I love your pictures, especially that last one. xo

such fun with such fabulous ladies! come my way next, and i’ll show you a flea market!!!

What fun! Love the pictures, especially the top one. :)

I’ve never been but I LOVE the name “Kennebunkport”. I’m not sure why but it amuses me. Ha!

I love the photos and the ones of you taking photos of each other! Excellent! :)

Great to see you smiling with your t shirts and shorts while I sit by the fire. :D

That last flower is truly amazing.

yay yay yay

oh how FABULOUS!!!!!! let there be more and more gatherings!!

And? LEAH, THANK YOU for your lovely, lovely kind comments– you are such a sweetie– can’t wait til we meet!!

You ladies are so gorgeous! :)

how fun! and your images are so nice.

are you saying your home only has air conditioning in the bedroom? omg I’d be dead. and I’d definitely be in the bedroom all day long. The heat here has finally broken a bit…but it was rough as we don’t have air in any one of our fleet of old cars but we do have it in the house and I’ve pretty much been house bound. So seeing the blazing red of that last flower didn’t send me running for a hand fan…=]…sounds and looks like fun!

I of course LOVE The flowers. Sounds like a fun time had by all. And all your sketches and paintings are wonderful to see.

I loved, LOVED seeing you in these pictures. What an amazing girl weekend.

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