Busy, Busy Weekend

June 2nd, 2008

It was a busy, full, fun weekend and I found myself quite energy-less this morning. The energy is returning thanks to a gorgeous day. So, what was I up to this weekend? I should have brought my camera. Friday afternoon, the hubster and I hit the road and drove down to the new MGM hotel/casino at Foxwoods. It was the hubster's brother's b-day, so we met him and his wife there and treated them to tickets to see Jerry Seinfeld stand-up. Seinfeld was fabulous, so funny and amazingly energetic. We had great seats and was definitely the best comedy stand-up I've ever seen.

Afterwards we had dinner and then spent the night at the new hotel, very shmancy with a phenomenal view from the 16th floor. I didn't gamble any because that's not really my thing, but I did get a great pair of new shoes. :-)

My dad will be out of town on father's day weekend (his second trip out of the country, this time to see Italy and Spain!), so my brother and his wife came up from NYC, my sister came down from New Hampshire, and the hubster and I drove up to celebrate an early Dad's Day with my dad and step-mom. It was super hot out and eating out on the porch, I got a bit of a burn on my super white shoulders. Ouch. My dad requested we go to the driving range where my dad showed off his skills and the rest of us showed our lack of. Then were overfed by my step-mom (homemade mac& cheese, lamb, spinach salad, and brownie sundaes!) before driving my brother and his sister back to the train. I'm not sure if it was the sun, all the driving, all the eating,  all the socializing, or some combo, but I was totally zonked last night and today.

Friday afternoon, I brought my sketchbook to the hotel and drew this image. I like the idea of a cloud of intuitive thoughts. I was also thinking about the way we pick out shapes in the clouds sometimes. In this case, there's a Red Riding Hood theme going on.

Just found out that I'll have three images in the Calyx journal this summer! The journal is all about the fiction, essays, poetry, and artwork of women and I'm thrilled to have my art in it. This will be my second journal appearance this year and it's so satisfying to check that goal off my list. I'd like to apply to some magazines like Cloth, Paper Scissors next.

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On first glance, I thought that there were musical notes in your drawing – the swirls of wind and raindrops look like a musical sheet.
You always draw such wonderful things – thanks again for sharing this!

congrats on being in the Calyx Journal! Looks like a very cool journal.

Congrats on your features!! I think you absolutely should apply to Cloth Paper Scissors–your subway series would be a great one to enter!! I’d love to try to submit something for publication before the end of the year as well. It’s been on my list but I’m afraid to do it!!

as soon as i get rich, i’m buying a print, darn it!! hehe.

my ask she is up today. please stop by!

hey leah, thanks for your recent comment. I putt he recipe on the entry since the link wasn’t working. you should try it, well if you love spinach like we do. so yummy and easy-peesy.

It sounds like such a fun weekend, and I love your sketch, it is so free. I need to check out Caylx, it sounds like a wonderful journal, and congratulations on your pieces being accepted! Roxanne

Congratulations on the Calyx journal. I can totally see you in Cloth Paper Scissors as well. Go for it!

What a whirlwind weekend you had and still managed a great sketch and scoring cool new shoes, what more can a gal ask for when away from her studio?

Hi Leah,
I was just looking around on your site for the first time this morning-Wow, your work is truly inspiring, the gestures, expressions, even the tilt of each of your women’s faces are so serene-in such deep thought-inhabiting their own worlds (as we all do at times). Beautiful, thank you so much for sharing your work.

I love collage too, but my “subject” is the interplay of color and shape-all about broken-ness and healing through relationships. I’d love it if you would stop by and take a peak at my little collages (a few are displayed in a slide-show on my sidebar).

Have a wonder-full day (despite the gloomy new england skies this morning-I don’t live too far from you, I’m up in southern NH)

Wonderful illustration, Leah! Congrats also on being in the Calyx journal. It sounds like you had an awesome time catching up with family. :)

Congrats on being published! How wonderful! Hey, have you considered Artful Blogging? I can see that happening! — And, I do love the illustration – a cloud of intuitive thoughts, it’s almost a paradox…
Have a great week!

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