Creative Every Day: June 16th – June 22nd, 2008

June 16th, 2008

CED2008 participants! Feel free to leave a comment here with a link to post(s) about your creative activities during the week of 6/16/08 -6/22/08.

Happy creating!

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Hello All:

I’m putting together a Sketchbook Swap, and we need a few more participants.

Details here:

So far there is a diverse group of artists, and these books are sure to be quite interesting.


here is another of my tiles. I have gotten them all photographed and hoping to get them into a shop, until them promoting them on my site.
My daughter is home from school for a week so just taking some time off and enjoying her presence; posting some photos and doing some commenting on other blogs this week. My outgoing mail server is still not fixed so this needs attended to; it has been months since I have been able to reply to people who leave comments.

I’m having a great deal of fun!

I’m getting into creating every day. Love your site! I am featuring your site as “creative site of the day” on mine.

I finally created something today!! Yippe! I have been in a rut but with overwhelming nagging muse images in my head..! Have to post logo next ! Thank You!
Denise Hull,Mass.

I finally created something today!! Yippe! I have been in a rut but with overwhelming nagging muse images in my head..! Have to post logo next ! Thank You!
Denise Hull,Mass.
When I have the creative blahs I just ponder certain things. I have come up with another creative way to recycle or reuse a product you might throw away! (scroll down to see!)

I fired my perfectionist, dictator self and have found a few ways to keep her out of the studio. I’ve been playing, making a mess and having some fun. I’m sharing a not perfect mixed-media piece I really enjoyed making. The bubbles for leaves remind me of a story we once read in grade three about a wishing tree.

My feature this week is my new mini collection of 6 x 6 deep edged canvases called, “In The Village”

I’ve been creating just haven’t had photos of everything. I did borrow some batteries to take a photo of a Crown I made for Dd and some flowers I picked on one of my moon walks.
I have made paper doll’s which I think might of ended up in the wrong bag while clearing out stuff and might of went in the recycle bins. I also made some other things with paper. Cooking, Made dd a cake for her birthday, Drawing self portraits, Painting and mix-media, Wondering what plants are out there that might be a cure for Cancer. I found one that I hadn’t seen before and looked it up. Found out they use it for Cancer.
Sorry about your Grandma. I put a link up to Dr. Daniel Amen’s site somewhere on my blog. He had a show about the brain on OPB. You might check out his book. There are certain foods that are good for the brain. We also should exercise and table tennis is the best for the brain and keep on learning new things is suppose to help protect the brain. I mean not just a new recipe if your a chef but learn how to dance or a another language. Something different. Staying in School is good too. Omega 3’s are good for the brain also. Video games are not good for the brain.

Also see you’ve been creating some wonderful awesome art!
God Bless Your Creative Life!!!

Busy working on the exterior of our home, but I did a journal spread in response to the midwest flooding, especially here in Iowa.

I went on a moon walk and picked wildflowers.

I forgot I also made something else when I am
finished with it I post a pick.

Self Portrait. Just click on posted by Flassie
and it will take you to it.

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