End of the Weekend Links

June 22nd, 2008

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend! It's been a relaxing one for me. I've got some good lovely linkage to share. Ready?

  • This is a little last minute, but if you post a comment before Monday morning (9 a.m.) at Sparkletopia here, you can win a beautiful print from Christine!
  • This week Inspire Me Thursday was inspired by Wonderland, a fantastic project by artist Yeondoo Jung who has brought children's artwork to life. I love the idea and the execution. So cool!!
  • Creative Every Day 2008 participant Cory has posted a great series of tutorials at her blog Create with Moxie. She did the same kind of rubbings (frottage) that were featured in the GPP Street Challenge, but using encaustic wax instead of crayons. Cool! I'm going to have to give that a try! The tutorials start here.
  • The hubster pointed out the website Gizoogle this weekend. You can put in any website and have it translated into Snoop-Dog style speech. It's over the top and ridiculous, but pretty funny. Here's what my blog becomes. The posts are pretty funny, but I thought the changes to the CED blogs in the sidebar (on the right) were hilarious. be crafty be happy becomes be crafty be stoked, diving for pearls becomes perpetratin' for pearls.

Tonight, I'm planning to kick back and watch Design Star. Fun!

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gizoogle was a hoot! sparkeltopia was a first time for me; thanks for the heads up

Gizoogle is hilarious! Thanks for sharing, it’s brightened up my Monday!

Sorry it has taken me so long to post a comment to this but you really did it with the Gizoogle! How funny. I have been forwarding to all my friends with websites their translations. Maybe I need to add some gangsta tunes to mah playlist!

That Gizoogle cracks me up. What a great laugh. :) (where do you find all this cool stuff!?)

Got here thru flickr. I know the year is 1/2 over but if possible, I would like to join. Thanks.

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