June 14th, 2008

New piece I've been working on, "Language" built up from layers of acrylic, ink, colored pencil, and paper on 11" x 14" watercolor paper. Again, thinking about memory, losing words and their meaning, the way trees are shaped like the pathways in our brains, and also family trees. Finishing it was timely considering my grandmother's entrance into a nursing home this week due to the progression of her Alzheimer's disease. It's been really tough for my mom. And just sad in general. And scary. I do hope that no one else in my family is headed for that fate.

I'd been itching to see a movie this week, so last night the hubster and I went to see "The Happening." Wow. It was awful. Do not go see it. Seriously.

Anyways, its' a beautiful day and I need to run some art to the post office! I hope your weekend is a wonderfully creative one!

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What a lovely piece! I like the way you use trees in your work, and in this piece it’s cool how the growth seems to come from within the figure. So sad about your grandmother – it’s hard to “lose” a person to Alzheimers – she’s still there, but not the same. There’s a very touching Dixie Chicks song about the topic – Silent House – that breaks my heart when I hear it, but in a bittersweet way. I hope your grandmother will be happy in her new home:>

This is a great peice! and addresses the situation profoundly–I often find myself creating something and then afterwards realize it relates to something happening right then in my life (what do other people do to process their sadness and grief? I know I would go crazy if I could not make art).

You seem to use a blue palette often–is it your favorite?

Wow! inspiring creations! Today is my lucky day finding ‘like’ artisans in Mass.!!
Denise,Nantasket Beach,Ma

Sorry about your grandma. I can relate. As my grandmothers get older 89 and 96 it is difficult at times to have conversations with them because they both get lost in their own words.
It is good that your mother sensed her mother needed the help and she will get it in a nursing home.

Your piece of art is beautiful and very interesting.

Take care,

sorry to hear about your grandmother. sending good wishes to you and your mom.

“awful” as in poorly written or subject matter or what?

we want to see kung fu panda but grandson didn’t come last weekend and then went to see it without us! Daughter says he’d be happy to see it again tho.

Love the interior work on your figure. Have I ever mentioned what amazing work you do? Was just showing a fellow artist my Subways…she loved the concept.

I am sorry about your grandma. It is so good that you can get out your feeling into your art. This piece is so creative and your message is so clear. Take care. Roxanne

This piece is so brilliantly executed– even if you hadn’t told me the elements that congtributed to it– I felt/saw them all from the piece itself. Really superb, Leah.

and thanks for the caution about the movie– will be sure to avoid it.

I love the tree growing inside the woman!

I love this piece you’re working on! I love how defined your lines are, even at this stage! It gives it such a solid feel!

Amazing, my husband and I went with friends to see The Happening as well this weekend. I was pretty excited to see it too. But, I agree, it was AWFUL! In so many different, intense ways. I left feeling so shaken that I went into the bathroom and sobbed. I’m still struggling with the flashbacks. *shudders*

I love this image. My mom has dementia. We are watching her slip away every day. At first it was a word, then a moment followed by entire conversations. It is like watching someone vanish right before your eyes. It is very painful.

Somehow, seeing it in your visual representation brings compassion. Thanks.

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