Lucy and the Elephant

June 6th, 2008

I did some drawing last night, one of them resulted in "Lucy and the Elephant" above which was done with ink and acrylic on paper. He looks like such a friendly elephant, no? He makes me smile.

Oh, this gloomy weather is making me sleepy. Yawn! This weekend we're in for a major switcheroo in New England, going from the 60's to the 90's in one day. Woohoo! I hope you all have a beautiful weekend!!

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Love it. Reminds me a bit of that wonderful book Water for Elephants and how smart elephants are.

I love the elephant!

What a happy find! I love Lucy and the Elephant!

I love it!

Lovely… and synchronous… you didn’t happen to see my illustration friday yesterday did you?

Hi Leah,

I love Lucy ! I love Lucy’s hairdo ! She looks so soft and feminine. Her pal the elephant is beautiful too.
Here’s hoping the heat wave comes with mucho sunshine ! The rain has been giving me the blues this week !

Did you know that there is a giant elephant house in New Jersey that is named Lucy? Here’s her website
I love the bubbles and swirls on your Lucy. It seems like this an illustration to a story and I want to know how they met and where they’re going next.

I also love lucy’s hairdo, and her dress and scarf is perfect. They look like they are on their way together to somewhere quite fabulous :)

That is very cool. Love the bubbles at the bottom of her dress. Enjoy the sunshine!! It feels so very good…

Hey girl…I just loved looking through your sketch book yesterday! I think everyone here would be amazed if they saw your “doodles”!!!

Had so much fun yesterday I could BURST! After hanging out with you and Tam, I’m inspired to sit and play in the studio all day!!!!!

I’ve blogged and Flickered!!


Your elephant is very cute and friendly! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comment. Have a happy Sunday. Roxanne

I love it!!

Lucy is very pretty…now, what is the elephant’s name?

i do love this…he looks like he’s either proposing to her, or asking her to dance. It’s very sweet! And your talent as an artist…I just love it, Leah!

I see a children’s book here……..

LOVE the elephant, won’t you draw it again? :-)

Excellent. That’s the elephant we discussed this weekend.

Man am I ever inspired to do more art.

Never enough thyme.

Can’t wait to visit again.

Hi Leah,

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your kind words are very appreciated. Love your art too. Your use of color is amazing :)

love this one!!

i adore lucy and the elephant ~ completely
adore it:)


i’m a little late to the party
but wanted to say
how much i love this…
it’s awesome!

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