Memories and Other Business

June 4th, 2008


Tonight I'm staying at my mom's and watching my youngest brother. It was weird driving back through the town I grew up in (my parents live in different, but close by towns now.) It sent me through a fast wave of memories: playing in that playground, first dates, the bar in next town, the woods that I trekked through so many times that I knew them like a second language. It was a weird sense of nostalgia along with a feeling of having moved on. Back at the house, little brother showed off his drumming skills, which I could hear quite well from the basement, where he played, to the kitchen where I cooked up some dinner.

Last night I had a friend over for dinner and wine and we sat out on the porch with the hubster and chatted about weddings (mine, eight months ago now and I'm just getting around to picking the pictures for our album) and hers coming up in two months, old roommates, family, and life in general. It was lovely, but by the end of the night I was completely spent. This week is turning out to be fairly busy, one thing after another, and an exciting getaway weekend to visit a couple gal pals coming up. Life is good.

I forgot to bring my camera out here with me, so for now I've shared a picture of "Memory Cycles", which is on sale for the month of June. You can buy the original or prints right here. And while you're there, sign up for the newsletter and you'll be eligible to win a free print every month!

While I'm on the subject of business, I've started to delve into The Boss of You (great so far) and it has me thinking a lot about the direction of my art which is feeling a bit all over the place and unfocused at the moment. Or rather, it's not my art that is this way, but me. Doing the exercises in the book, and writing out my vision has been helpful, but I'm a bit unsure about where to direct my energies. So the book has me thinking and lots of questions are bubbling up: Should I focus my energy on one area? Do I need a niche? What would it be? Along with all this, I'm still working on the book on creativity that I began during the winter. It's been changing form slightly which has me writing a lot and re-thinking, but I've not yet developed how I want it to come together. It's progressing though.

Tomorrow I drop off some work at Oak in Boston and I'm very excited to see this new space. I've felt oddly nervous about dropping off my artwork there. Actually, whenever I drop off my work somewhere, I have this feeling of wanting to drop it and run for the hills. Need to take a breath and get past my introverted ways for things like this. Goodness, this is part of the reason I love blogging. Such a great thing for all the introverts of the world. But I really do need to find some way of networking/socializing with other creative types that feels good for me. Some kind of small support group for other women business owners would be fabulous. That might be a fabulous way to get some focus. I'll put the intention to find this group out there and see what comes.

Update: Forgot to mention, the authors of The Boss of You have a blog. And today they provided a link to the Trans-Canadian Etsy Team blog where they're hosting a giveaway of the book (for residents of Canada and the U.S. only.) Sweet deal!

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I love those gals’ blog! Thanks for the reminder. ;)

I would love to be a member or your introverted artistic woman’s group, if you have space for one as weird as me…ya think? I do believe blogs are the best thing going for those of us who don’t get out “there” as often as perhaps it has been suggested in times past by well-meanings “friend” types….but I AM TRYING a little…. :)

Direction? Some do go both ways :-)


My posts are not showing so will try again.

I hear ya on the “niche” and “focus” stuff. It is hard when you enjoy so many creative directions in your art. I say the best work comes where your muse takes you.

I would love a support group myself. For starters though, try asking at your Chamber of Commerce, art stores,galleries, shops that feature handmade items. Post a flyer at a public bulletin board if there is one available at any creative source. I am sure many women are looking for the same, and they are looking for you as well.

I definately think you have a unique style that is you. I kind of think of that as your niche.
I encourage you to move forward on your book on creativity. I know it will be wonderful. one of the things I have come to realize is that sometimes we have to just put our creations out into the world because if we then eveolve to something else we can always put out another piece or a revised edition.

For some reason I haven’t dropped my collages off that I made for OAK. I listed them on my Etsy store instead. Just the other day my husband asked why I haven’t mailed them and I really didn’t have an answer for him.

thanks for the heads up on the book contest (can always use another book and anything that will help the current marketing doldrums I’m in would be much appreciated!).

Actually, whenever I drop off my work somewhere, I have this feeling of wanting to drop it and run for the hills.
I’ve been feeling that way too about my upcoming June show. ugh, terrible feeling.

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