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June 23rd, 2008

I did these drawings over the weekend. I used pages from a journal I picked up flea-marketing with some pals in Maine a couple weekends ago. The gentleman who sold it to me told me it once belonged to a man who came here from Poland. Many of the passages are from the 1890's. It's written entirely in German, so I'm not sure exactly what it says, but it seems to be a book full of copied quotes and poems. I just love the look of the script and drawing over these handwritten poems. I used ink and markers to decorate these pages and I just started drawing on them with no plan in mind. I liked the little houses that appeared in the skirt of the woman below.

It was super stormy today. Several thunderstorms rolled through in the morning and afternoon. It made me feel all cozy and happy to be at home.

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WOW! They are beautiful!

God Bless Your Creative Life!!!

..ohh… I found my name !!…thanks for linking me….yes it was so funny, making this pensil case….Kisses from germany barbara

Love all of these. What a score with the journal. I work with a woman from Poland who can understsnd several languages, but sorry she is only teaching me words that are good for stress relief!!!

I do love the houses on the skirt, all of these are really beautiful!

I love the free style of the drawings on the journal pages!

I think it would be hard to pick a favorite! I love the pink dress o on your figure at the top! I find old journals like the one you found so intriguing :) I wonder what people will think of my journals a hundred years from now!

Oh my! Pages from the 1890s! I’d love to find something like that, great find.

The blue girl with the stars and the little houses is especially lovely.

What a great find in the old journal…it’s a great background for your art…love it!!

I love what you did with the journals, Leah, and applaud your fearlessness. Let me explain – I would have made copies of the journal pages to experiment on… but I’m getting bolder. I think your work is amazing.
thanks so much,
patti (altered attic – one of your new members)

Leah I love these! The drawings are wonderful and love them over the writing! :-)

Especially love those kitties! What a neat journal to work with!

I posted a photo of my first attempt at making a pony back in December. I posted a link to my second attempt that I sent to my Grandchild. As always just click on posted by Flassie and it should take you to the blog entry.

I Love (with a capital L) these sketches, and the story about the journal paper they are created on. There is something about the line and the energy, and a certain unnameable something that just made me say “OH!” when I saw them… so beautiful

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