Playing with Paper

June 17th, 2008

I'd been wanting to try rubbings with the stamp I made at Artfest this year and the inspiration to give it a go came from seeing the GPP Street challenge and Hanna's response to it. Here are two of the rubbings I did initally:

I used some wax caran d'ache crayons that I had, but unfortunately they were water soluble, so they couldn't do much in the way of resisting wax as in the GPP Street Challenge. So, after playing with that a while. I made some rubbings with colored pencil and tried one with just gel medium to see what would happen. All of these will make great paper for collaging and it was a lot of fun to just play with no end result in mind.

I wanted to keep playing and playing, but I needed to stop to eat and the Celtics are coming on shortly. Go Celtics! So, that'll be it for today.

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Welcome to the Crusade, Leah ! It was fun, wasn’t it, to just play and slop some paint around without worrying about how things were going to come out, just as kids do !
Looks like you had fun… Happy Rubbings ! Go Celtics !

those rubbings are awsome… dont you love making your own paper for collaging?

It looks like you had a lot of fun :) These look like EXCELLENT textures!


I love love love your new banner.
This was an interesting post. Thanks for sharing. As usual you are an inspiration and a great teacher.


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