June 25th, 2008

Last night, my sister took me to a Red Sox game. It was so stormy all afternoon and there was lightning shooting across the sky on my way into Boston. But after a slight delay to clean up the field, the game went on and it turned out to be a beautiful night. The game went amazingly quick and the end was particularly exciting with a great turnout (Sox won 5-4). I especially enjoyed the crowd's energy and singing along with the Fenway favorites such as "Sweet Caroline." They stopped playing the song part way through because the game was starting up again, but the crowd kept singing the song. Fenway has such a great atmosphere. And check out the gorgeous sunset we got too! I'm a bit zonked today from all the jumping around in the stands, but I'm glad that it's not storming again. I love a good thunderstorm, but I prefer the sunshine during the day. I love summer.

I'm feeling so full of summer-joy and gratitude today. Besides the fabulous Sox game last night, some things that are making me happy:

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This unrelated to the post, but I wanted to let all the creative readers know about some fun art sites I found yesterday through stumbleupon.
You can create drawings/paintings online and in some cases swap them or see them “hung” in a “gallery.” It was super fun! My Picasso Head can be seen here

What an incredible sunset you were able to see :) It sounds like you had a fantastic time at the game with your sister. Also, all your little call-outs were great :) I’ve loved all our discussions lately, they keep me in smiles all day!

Red Sox and clothespins— I don’t think you could be any cuter, Leah!

How cool is that to see your artwork all framed and with it’s new owner! That is very, very cool. Thanks for the shout out on the clothesline pics. Just a few minutes ago I was hanging a new load and the kids were pinching them on to each others butts. Watcha gonna do, lol.

Geez I am glad I found your link..I thought I posted it…aarr Yes what a thunderstorm esp out here on the beach!! My pooch was terrified she really gets into a little tizzy!
Have to check out new artwork!

How funny to come here and see a picture of me holding your picture! All I could think when my husband took this (after 12 hours at work) was someone really needs to invent the “Photoshop face oil blotting papers” They could put it right next to the red eye fix!

Amazing picture of Fenway sunset, I am sure the real one was 10 times better. (How could anyone ever stop singing “Sweet Caroline”??? )

As always love all your links, thanks for including moi, feel so honored!


So glad to have found your blog thru one of my classmates in a creativity life coaching training (Kaizen Muse). I’d love to be a part of Creative Every day. Count me in!


I discovered your site through my best friend, Patti Edmon’s blog at She had told me how incredible you are, and really that was an understatement! Just fabulous work and inspiration. I’ll look forward to exploring all the wonders within!

Love & light,

Karen Mireau
Creative Midwife

Heya friend. So funny, I was at Fenway on Sunday. I had the most fun, the MOST, I say. You’re right, great energy. And belting out Sweet Caroline, well can I just say count me in?

Kisses to you!

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