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June 12th, 2008

I've had a minor case of the blahs this week, perhaps brought on by feeling a bit over-cooked in the heat. But I'm ready to snap on out of of it.

I've got one art piece that is frustrating me and may be headed to a future of torn up collage material. So I'll leave that piece alone and share some sketchbook pages from the past couple days with you instead. The first one above is an intuitive scribble drawing. I started out with a big scribble on the page (without looking) and then found forms in it to bring out a drawing. Below, another intuitive drawing, this one came from marker bleeding through from another page which suggested the form of fish and a mermaid tail.

And lastly, I've had bees on the brain lately. Perhaps inspired by a couple bee visitors in our apartment and the happy bees outside my window in the tall hydrangea bush, I've got these little sketches born of my bee-brain below.

The sun is out and the heat less oppressive, so I've got a full afternoon of things to get to. Toodaloo!

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Leah, Thanks for the newsletter update. (I love that kitchen too!) And I’m inspired by all this great work you’ve been doing lately. You must have such high energy levels to get all that accomplished! I think you are soaring! Keep up the good work! xo Amy

Bring on the bees please! Loving your sketches!

hang in there it is suppose to cool off soon!

You are so great at turning “doodles” into amazing art pieces. These look great!

I especially like the sketch with the bees carrying of the houses. Thanks for sharing.

It looks like you will soon be in the creative groove once more! Your etsy shop now fills my favorites list :)

I love the little houses among the flowers. Very alice in Wonderland, and that’s a good image for today! Want to say thanks for the ideas for saving and copying html on typepad – without those ideas i would have lost my bog 3 different times today! but because you shared I didn’t. Big hugs and no ants ever at your picnics!

Your sketchbook is positively delightful!

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