Beetle Juice

July 11th, 2008

Life is good and I'm feeling oh so grateful. One of the things I'm feeling grateful for is a healthy Sadie-cat. Thank you for all the kitty well wishes! Sadie went on antibiotics on Tuesday and by Wednesday evening she was 95% better. Thursday she was her regular crazy-kitty-self. I'm so happy about that.

It's late and I need to crash, so I'll have to save the rest of the post I was planning to write til later. Above is a spread from a moleskine I'm doing as part of a swap. On the right I drew a little pic of the necklace I purchased recently and on the left I wrote the message that's on the opposite side of necklace.

Oh wait, one last story before I go to bed because this whole thing made me laugh so hard. It started when I went into the bathroom where the hubster was brushing his teeth and I noticed something strange around his waist. Where a belt would normally be, he had a usb cable going through the loops of his shorts. I was confused and asked, "Um, what is that?"

Apparently he got to work and noticed his shorts were so loose and could fall down at any moment. He couldn't find a belt in his office, so he improvised, found a usb cable, took it into the bathroom, fastened it around himself like a belt and then pulled his shirt over it so no one would see. Too funny. I started cracking jokes about him being like a geeky MacGyver and then kicked him out so that I could use the bathroom. Well, I'm in there with my shorts down when I see this gigantic bug on the floor. I mean huge! I thought it was a cockroach at first. I yelled to the hubster to come quick and he told me it was a very large, but friendly looking beetle. Well, he may have been friendly, but I wanted him out of the bathroom immediately. So, I grabbed a plastic cup and a piece of paper, put the cup over the super-bug, the hubster slid a piece of paper under him, and I went ahead to open the porch door. The hubster came out of the bathroom with the gigantic bug in the cup and as he gets close to me he says, "Get out of the way, he's getting out!" Apparently, this clever beetle was trying to make an early escape. The hubster starts running towards the porch door just as his usb-belt-less pants fall down around his ankles. He practically trips and throws the cup, paper, and beetle out onto the porch all together and slams the porch door shut. I'm hysterically laughing at this point, yelling, "Oh my god. That was classic!" The two of us pant-less, trying to get a huge beetle out the door. Good times. Hehe.

I really hope that was a stray beetle though and that we don't see any more of those things inside. I'm not usually super spooked by bugs, but this one gave me the heebeegeebees!

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Thanks for making me laugh, I can only imagine how it must have looked.
So glad your kitty is doing better.
Have a great weekend.

The beetle story could have been one of ours, hysterical!

So glad your Sadie cat is better, fingers, toes and everthing else was crossed.

This story was so funny ! The funniest humor is always the stuff you relate to ! I could totally see this happening to “scared of moths” me and my computer geek hubby ! Thanks for the laugh !
(Glad kitty is on the mend.)
Cheers and beware of beetles !

Oh, how funny! I just sat here and laughed and laughed. Our animals just stared and looked a bit worried! (Is she finally losing it?) Glad the Sadie is fine!

LOL! Great story!

Glad Sadie’s better

HA ha ha ha ha…this will have me giggling all weekend long.

What no pictures? Down here in Florida, everything is a giant bug. I try to snap photos when I can.

But I did not have my camera when the giant (I mean giant, the size of my hand) spider invaded my bathroom.

And then I was too chicken to go back in with the camera and shoot.

OMG, too, too funny! It’s awesome how things are so much more laughable and fun with our loved ones. I’m happy for your joy!

Thanks for the laugh!

And so glad to hear your kitty is better.

Maybe it was a USB beetle. They LOVE those cable belts.

This was such a hilarious post! I laughed out loud, even in my quiet, quiet office :) What a hoot!

So, so glad Sadie’s on the mend!


too funny! you should do a collected works of the antics of hubster, I bet it’d be hilarious! yesterday was fun :)

Love the left side quote in your journal and the belt-story – he doesn’t mind being exposed like that huh? Cool guy!

I’m so glad Sadie-cat is better! Our furry family members make such a difference in our lives. I know my Ike-ster-cat does. And thank you for the beetlejuice story… I could see it clearly in my mind’s eye..and had a good laugh! Ain’t life grand? It’s the little things like that…that are so big and nurture our well-being. thank you!

Oh no – oh that is priceless! That would makes a great scene in a movie, I think!!
So glad to hear your Sadie is feeling better – hope she’s 100 percent healthy soon!

What a great snippet of everyday life..LOL. You had me hysterical with your story!!! LOL

Now I know what to do with my extra cables (not that I really need to hold my pants up….ahem…lol)!

So what are your REAL names? Dezi Arnez and Lucille Ball. That story was a riot!!!

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