July 5th, 2008

charm with key
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Lookie!! I won a fun contest at Rosa's blog. I guessed, without going over, how many comments dooce got on her wii giveaway post. I guessed 38,000 and it was actually around 42K. 42,000 comments! Holy crap! People like Wii's! Anyways, i love what Rosa made me so much. Thanks, Rosa!!

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Is that 42,000 as in 42,000 people leaving comments on a blog?! I’ve been shooting for a dozen – ha. Hope you had a great 4th and congrats on the win!

lol—I agree, I think 20 was a high water mark for me, I get tickled with 5 or so comments…heck even one is a picker upper :)

Congrats on your winning and what a beautiful prize! Love it!

How beautiful is that! Congrats on the win, that is always so much fun. The only thing I have ever won in a contest was a 6 foot long sausage when I was like 11. You had to guess the weight, lol and I just happened to have nailed it.


Very cool! Congrats on your contest winning! :)

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