Hey, You. There’s Nothing Wrong with You.

July 3rd, 2008


Trying to take a picture of a new necklace, I ended up taking some self portrait shots out on the porch that had a nice soft light to them. So, here I am.

I'm not sure what happened, but in recent weeks, I've noticed a big personal shift. I feel like I'm finding my personal style and my voice all at once. It's subtle, but the hubster noticed too. This new necklace seemed to suit the shift, so when I saw it, I scooped it up immediately. It features the art of Mati Rose. One side says, "There's nothing wrong with you." And the other side features a lion in knee socks. Heh. Mati collaborated with jewelry artist, Kristen of Mood Swing Studio, to make these pieces and Kristen was sweet enough to change the bead color for me and then ship it out the same day. I got it super fast and put it on right out of the box.

There's nothing wrong with me. It sounds like a funny thing to realize, but I think this is the essence of my shift. The feeling is peaceful, calm, self-assured. It feels nice. I want to put a finger on where the shift came from, but I think it's incredibly multi-layered, influenced by books I've read, events that have happened, some soul searching, and thought shifting. Perhaps I'll write more about this another time.


Along with this personal shift, I've had a weird week with far too many migraines (mostly period related, I think.) The weather has also been kind of nutty. Loads of thunderstorms and hail. My poor cats were freaked out by the hail. I went out on the porch yesterday and scooped up a piece of the hail that was bouncing off the windows. It melted a bit by the time I took this picture, but holy cannoli, that's a hunk of ice! Not golf ball-sized, but the biggest piece of hail I've seen. I love a good thunderstorm as they make me feel so cozy when I'm indoors. Definitely a good time for a good read. I've been reading about dreaming and doing loads of research for our delayed honeymoon to Hawaii! Wee! I'm so excited. We'll be going in September after a wedding we're attending in San Francisco. We couldn't go last year because of the hubster's work, but I'm kind of glad that we didn't go right after the wedding as we were both exhausted.

I've also been working more on my swap sketchbook and did another inkblot (the paint is the gold of the flowers and the green gold in the flowers and the bodies of the butterfly. An unusual color palette for me. Perhaps a tropical influence from my Hawaii research. I kind of like how the lettering from the previous page has bled through.

I snapped some pics of my regular sketchbook we're I've been working out some images, but I think I'll save those for another day. Happy early Fourth of July to you! If you're looking for some good patriotic movie watching, pick up the HBO mini-series of John Adams. Awesome acting and very well done. Totally loved it.

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where in hawaii are you going?

Of course there is nothing wrong with you. YOU ARE FABULOUS, inside and out. Seriously, I know what you are talking about, like confidence meets peace and created productivity. It keeps getting better.

Your ink blots are fun, the hail-amazing/crazy and so cool about the honeymoon. Of course, I love that word, have you every researched the history or orgin of “Honeymoon”? If not, I won’t spoil the fun.


hey! migraines totally suck- i feel your pain (literally) as a fellow migraine sufferer : (

anyway, I came across your blog, and I’d love to be part of the creative every day endeavor- my fiance and I have already been each doing a drawing a day for all of 2008 so far, and so this seems like a perfect fit! :D (we’re both working artists, so it helps to motivate each other too!)

good morning leah. :)
the self portrait is just lovely, really beautiful and soulful.
i was smiling as i was reading about your personal shift. it sounds like such a wonderful place to be. a few months ago i felt the same sort of feeling but then I disconnected from that place somehow. i know i will get the feelings back but your post made me long for that again. it’s a good thing, this feeling. usually a thought of longing like this occurs for me before some new awareness about me comes along…hoping…
thank you for this post.

have a wonderful creative 4th!

Beautiful portrait, Leah. I wrote a post similar to this earlier this week called “Why Say No?”. I think sometimes we worry too much about what other people say about us when, really, we should just simply embrace who we are and revel in it. And, of course, I’m all about color, so I love the colors in your ink blog page. :-)

Always remember that you are perfect just as you are. There IS absolutely nothing wrong with you. You are doing the things that you need to be doing to grow. Keep going! You are wonderful.

the title says it all! thanks for this wonderful (reminder) post.

Hi Leah!
I was browsing your lovely artwork and journal pages! I like the ink blot idea for a jumping off point! Thanks for the “John Adams” suggestion for a dvd movie!
You self-portrait is wonderful. I’m thinking of trying to do a self-portrait weekly as sort of “Artist’s Way” continued…

Your portrait is so beautiful–I love it. It definitely depicts a person moving inward. I feel the same way you’ve been feeling. I think we’re in the same boat! Thanks for the book suggestion…I’ll put it on my list!!

Peace & Love.

hi there!! I’ve been here a few times before – usually just lurking! I love your blog – and the picture you have of the fish in your personal section – just haunts me in a good way! I love it – the first time I saw it, it was small and the way I looked at it it looked like the fish was HER tail so I had to look at it closer and I have loved it ever since! You are so talented!!!

As for this post – YES!! How glorious to feel that peace. There really IS nothing wrong with you!! Keep tight to that feeling – it is precious!

I’ll be brave enough to comment when I am here from now on! Thank you for your beautiful blog!


I’ve never had migraines, consequently didn’t know what they were when daughter started having them around 10, but knew that dark, quiet and sleep fixed things. She still gets them (she’s 32) and she says thunderstorms or, really, pre thunderstorms often set hers off. She says if she can take advil at the 1st sign, she can mostly be rid of them.

The portrait is lovely…as is the subject. Very pensive. And I know people must say this all the time, but you have beautiful eyes!

I’ve had creative periods like that where sustained effort results in a sort of peaceful breakthrough. It’s easier to spot in my work than in my life, though it happens there, too!

I loved Matti’s art, Leah. Thanks for sharing. You guys are so smart for waiting to take your honeymoon, and Hawaii! That is so exciting!

I often get migranes when there’s a lot of humidity or a thunderstorm is coming… whatever causes them they’re nasty things. Hope you’re free of them soon :) Very nice journal page- quite lush.

Leah, I love your picture! YOu’re so beautiful, I hope you know and feel that. I’ve always felt like I was ugly, and really have no reason for it, just a thing I have! The necklace is fantastic and is screaming to come hang out on my neck, but you got the only one!! Enjoy and thanks for all the cool links!!

“There is nothing wrong with you.” There is nothing wrong with me… just saying it, thinking it, makes me take a deep breath and relax…I needed this new mantra today. Wish I had the necklace too( maybe I will make my own ?!..), but the mantra is definitely enough…
Thanks, beautiful Leah,

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