Stormy Weather and Some Links

July 21st, 2008

I made this drawing in ink on paper last week. The image came intuitively in my sketchbook and then I re-created her here. The piece is called "Speaking with Rabbits."

My moods have matched the weather lately: a bit cloudy, a bit stormy. But overall, it's good. I have to say that Byron Katie's book, Loving What Is (although I'm reading it in very slow bursts) has been helpful in re-framing my thoughts.

How bout some fun links to brighten up your Monday (or Tuesday which it nearly is by the time I'm getting around to posting this)! O.k., here we go,

  • Check out this super cool coiled paper basket tutorial from esprit cabane that I found at Nathalie Brault's blog. esprit cabane is a French ezine all about crafty and green living and it's been translated into English already!
  • Violet of Violet Ink shared a link to BG Patterns, a site where you play with making patterns. She used it to make her fabulous new banner!
  • Hanna has a great post about her favorite pens for mixed-media. I love reading about other artist's experiences with their art tools!
  • A quote from Aine Livia's blog: The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift. -Albert Einstein
  • Decor*8 has organized a totally dreamy give-a-way of inspiration packs, put together with all sorts of ephemera for art-making that was shipped to her from all over the world. I donated some stuff and man, I would love to win!
  • Super sweet artist, Wyanne is now offering a selection of classes online. She's teaching classes on discovering your marketable style, how to take it to the next level as an artist, marketing your art, and art play.
  • Shayla shares some fun artwork using straws as a tool (I've done this before and it IS fun!) and she also shares a link to an artist who uses this tool to make spooky daily monsters.

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Oh love “speaking with rabbits”…her figure, the little bunny in her hand, the tree, so earthy and fresh. Fantastic.

P.S It arrived today!!! I am so happy, thank you! I need to find the perfect frame and then I will take a pic and load it on flickr. Again, thank you. It is beautiful and amazing, just like you.

thanks for all the great links (and i hope you win that giveaway! fun :) i’ll have tocheck out that book too…i’m reading a great one as weel, alos in bits but it’s really resonating – called Choosing Happiness. *hugs*

happy belated birthday! and i am loving your paintings and drawings here, soooo lovely

i always love your suggestions. thanks! and how weird you did a rabbit drawing…i just started a rabbit project myself….spoookey :0 :)

She fits right into the tree theme on my quilt challenge with Around the World in 20 Quilts, an international group I joined here online. You can see my tree quilt on my new banner at my blog. ;-)
I like the sense I get from your lady here speaking to her tiny rabbit…mystical and magical, with the tree protruding from her head/hair.

awesome picture – have I mentioned how much I like your work?!

Will come back and browse blogs – am in the mood lately.


Your piece here, speaking with rabbits, is fabulous. I love the smooth, fluid lines of her dress, and the head piece tree is amazing. Thanks for the great link to the Decor*8 giveaway. Here’s my fingers crossed, wishing the both of us luck :) .

Very cool drawing, Leah. I love the little tiny bunny, the bubbles in her skirt and what a hair do! I’m sure it can be done- wouldn’t it be so dramatic? Good thing my hair is now short…Things could get messy around here.

Thanks for the link love :D

that would make such a cool bookmark! deliciously magical.

Leah, I’ve enjoyed the pieces I’ve read from that book! I love how so much of it is changing one’s point of view!

Love this image, especially the tree growing from the rows of her hair…. *sighs* Yes, it works, beautifully!

Hi Leah– thanks for another great post!
I have given you an award on my blog. Please visit my blog for the details:
Thanks for your sharing your amazing self!

Wow. I got so wrapped up with drooling over that giveaway I forgot to comment on how much I love the drawing. The tree, the tiny bunny, the stance of the girl. So great.

Hi Leah, great to read your blog! I am a new blogger/artist and just finding my way around. Have a look at my site, The Art of Intuitive Painting and leave a comment. I live in Cape Town, South Africa, it is amazing to connect with artists around the world. luv Di

Hi Leah! What fun to wake up this morning and just peruse all these blogs! Thank you!

“Speaking with Rabbits” is awesome! I love the line work and the idea is so whimsical :)

love the drawing! So free to speak with animals…
I enjoyed visiting all the sites you mentioned too…
keep inspiring!

What a creative picture. I love how her hair spirals into a tree and the little bunny in her hand

I love, love that drawing, “Speaking with Rabbits.” I would like to free up my muse like that.

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