Head to Toe. Or Toe to Head.

August 28th, 2008

I haven't been feeling very bloggy lately, so I'm a bit behind in blog reading and responding to emails. Enough of that, how bout we check out my new sneaky sneakers:

Nikeshoe_3 I've been focusing a lot on yoga and walking and exercise in general lately. As the days get darker, I need to focus on these things. They make a huge difference to my mood and mindset. I've been in desperate need of a new pair of sneakers for awhile, but wasn't interested in picking up the same style of sneakers I've been wearing for the last 10 years. I originally started wearing this particular brand and style when training to run a marathon. I wore them because they're made specifically for people with flat feet and feet that roll in (motion control shoes). They served me well as a runner and just in general as a good sneaker, helping my feet feel all sorts of secure. Unfortunately, they were also hideous (and they're pretty bulky and heavy too.) While reading an article about sneakers for different foot types recently, I was excited to read about a Nike shoe that utilizes Nike Plus. Now these new shoes may not be winning me any fashion prizes, but you'll have to trust me that they're ten million times better looking than the last pair. They're sort of silvery and blue and very comfy. And the cool part is the little hidden pocket within the shoe where you can put a sensor that communicates with your ipod nano and facilitates your workouts if you like to walk, jog, or run. On your nano, you can keep track of the times of your workouts, the distance traveled, and the speed and then upload it all to Nike Plus. On the website, you can post your workouts (if you want), join challenges (the website seems more geared to runners, but they have walking challenges too), or just use it as a place to keep a record of what your feet have been up to. Pretty shnazzy, I think! I saw on the Nike website that they have a line of customizable sneakers called NikeiD. This wasn't an option for the shoe type I was going for, but how fun to make your own funky sneaker design!

Speaking of funky customizable shoes, have you seen Keds customizable shoes? You can choose the colors, pick a design they supply, OR use your own imagery. Imagine a shoe covered in your own artwork? I may have to get myself a pair of these. I think they'd make for very happy feet!

Christine_large And just so your head doesn't feel left out, I just ordered this beautiful feather headband from Pluma. I've had my eye on these feather headbands for awhile, but was afraid it would look silly on me, so I was unsure about spending the money on one and not liking it. Well, I tried on a small one in a shop the other day and totally loved it, so after some looking around online I found Pluma and ordered the "Christine."  Yay! I'm planning to wear it to a wedding I'll be attending in San Fran in just a couple weeks. Ack, where has the summer gone to? Time is flying and I feel behind. I'm most definitely behind in emails and hope to be all caught up in the next few days.   

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yay shoes! and toes!!

luf you xoxo

That hairband reminds me of the roaring 20’s. Very cool!

Your headband looks de-loverly Leah! You will look gorgeous in it. Your shoes sound great, too :) xxoo, O

Since July 1st, I’ve gone back to walking which has really been a lifesaver for me. Given me great energy and helping me to look better. I’m heading over to the keds site to see what custom shoes I can come up with.

My sister walked in a marathon in California except she wasn’t in the area where the walk/run was held. All the people who they couldn’t fit into the area were told to get their Nano’s and their walk for that day would be recorded from wherever they were and count for the marathon. Isn’t that neat? It was a cancer benefit marathon so they drew more people that way. Even I wouldn’t mind walking if I didn’t have to be in a crowd.

feather headband and Nike shoes…something for body and soul. Yum.

Hi there!

Just letting you know that your blog is one of my 5 recommendations for Blog Day 2008 (http://www.blogday.org/). I’ve just recently discovered your blog and I love it so much! I’m just starting to stretch my creative wings again after long years of being cooped up in self-criticism, and I find your site so inspiring with lots of little ideas to get me going :)

So thank you!
Keep up the good work

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