Kitty Cat Dreams and Mermaid Drawings

August 11th, 2008

Ah, after being home for the weekend, I'm feeling much more rested. I was amazingly exhausted after sleeping a week at my old boss's house. There's something magic about your own bed and I felt like I couldn't get enough rest when I got back to it. All the gray weather we've been having and the abundance of napping fuzz balls, like Tabbers above, is enough to make anyone sleepy. Fortunately, today I felt energized and ready to tackle some things.

I've been drawing a lot in the last week, including these two. The mermaid (above) developed from an image in my sketchbook of a mermaid with waves, a whale, and ship in her hair.  The image below was done on a whim, doodling whatever came to mind.

Last night, while watching the Olympics, I grabbed what was handy, a few mini sharpies that came in a box of new golf balls and some index cards, and did some little drawings. I find mini drawing like this to be oh so relaxing and fun. Sometimes, it gives me ideas for paintings. Other times it gets my creative juices flowing, like a warm up exercise. And sometimes, it's just nice to get some of that creative energy out onto the page, even if it goes absolutely nowhere else.

This afternoon, I spent some time sorting through neglected paperwork. It's odd how you can procrastinate about something for so long and then as soon as you do it, you have immediate relief. Must remember this!!

Well, the snuggly kitties are finally getting to me and I'm feeling a strong desire to curl up with a book and some cute meows. Sasha, is letting me know it's time for bed too. (That's her yawning, even though it looks like she's yelling or laughing hysterically. Hehe)

Wishing you a night full of beautiful dreams.

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Ah cute kitties. but they are making me sleepy. :)
Lovely work as usual. I do read your blog daily or when it is sent to me. thought I would get ahead of the game and come check it out before. oh and on the subject of procrastinating. I do it all the time and it would be so much better on me if I just did what I put off till it about kills me… arrgh. lol

I really like your little drawings, particularly the mermaid. I like the doodle backgrounds. They look like something I would doodle. I used to doodle all the time when I wasn’t running after children.

I love these images of your kitties! They are making me want to curl up and take a nap! I think the little mini-art cards are so helpful in figuring out the next step for a painting or project. I need to remember THAT one!

Sending you love! And merry magical dreams!

Love the mermaidĀ“s expression! Slightly surprised at having a whale and a ship but extremely patient with them. :)

I love your cat’s and your new art. Such small treasures, they look like pages out of a book! Roxanne

Wonderful drawings, you have such neat ideas. I have been trying to draw as much as possible too! Love seeing what you are up too!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the mini drawings!


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