August 6th, 2008

I've been experiencing so much synchronicity in the past few days, it's wild! One that made me laugh out loud and gave me goosebumps was when I saw the same image twice in a matter of hours. First, in the copies of the Calyx journal I received in the mail. I opened the journal to check out my art and the other art featured inside. One of the artist's I noticed was Fran Forman, whose name stood out partly because I read that she is a fellow Massachusetts artist. Fran does beautiful digital collages using images she finds at flea markets.

Just a couple hours later, I was at my old job where I'm spending the evenings this week and I picked up the Globe. I wouldn't have seen this if I hadn't been at work this week because I don't get the paper delivered at home. And even if I had gone to the paper's website, I probably wouldn't have seen the bit from the daily insert, called "Sidekick." There on the front page of "Sidekick" was a large image called "Letting Go," the same one I saw in Calyx, from Fran Forman. I snapped a quick pic of the paper for you.

In some synchronicity squared, I received a comment today from Patty of Magpie's Nest on my recent post about, synchronicity of course, which reminded me about an article I read in the Globe over two years ago. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to find it, but I did a quick search with what I remembered and it was the very first thing that came up on google. The article is all about seeing signs in numbers, in this case it involves a message from someone who has passed on. The story clearly made an impression on me since I remembered it so clearly. Looking back at it now, I laughed because of the date it was published includes my favorite number for synchronicity: 17.

Gah, it's seems impossible for me to explain these things properly. Today there were so many little instances of seeing the same things show up in different books and websites and the oddest places. After a full day of feeling bombarded, it's almost silly. When I read SARK's newsletter this evening with her own story of crazy synchronicity (which she told ever so eloquently), I laughed when she shared the Anne Lamott quote, "That's God showing off." That's a good way to put it. In an email, I told Patty that I think of them as winks from the Universe. Winky, winky, wink-wink.

Lifeforce My internet has been on the blink which has been frustrating and I feel terribly behind in catching up with emails and blogs. But I'm trying to let it roll off my back. Speaking of letting things roll off my back, I've been continuing to enjoy yoga. I tried out a new yoga dvd today: LifeForce Yoga to Beat the Blues with Amy Weintraub, author of the book Yoga for Depression: A Compassionate Guide to Relieve Suffering Through Yoga, (which was excellent by the way.) I really enjoyed the dvd which incorporated yoga poses, breathing, and chanting. It's definitely a dvd I would want some privacy to do, mainly because of the chanting, but I do like chanting and I like the way she incorporated it into the poses themselves. It wasn't a super challenging dvd, but I did feel much lighter and more energized afterwards. I especially liked how she began the dvd with some simple body movements (rolling the ankles, knees, hips, a little dancing, and a little shaking) that warm the body up before you do any poses. I appreciated that because I feel like sometimes yoga classes and videos go right into the poses cold. Eventually your body warms up, but it's much nicer to go into the stretches with the synovial fluids in your joints already moving, especially when your not the most flexible lady on the planet. Plus, doesn't shaking just feel good? Try it. It feels fantastic. :-) Shake it like a polaroid picture and all that. As I type this, in the background someone on t.v. says, "Shake it. Shake it." Hehe

All the yoga and reading I've been doing has been very helpful in my journey as I taper off anti-depressants. I'm grateful for that. It's so important for me to keep up with self-care here, especially as the days begin to get shorter, and yoga helps me remember to breathe and connect with my body. Finding creative ways to face my tendency towards a depressive state has been kind of fun. I enjoy reading what has helped others and trying natural ways to keep my spirits up through inspirational books, movement, supplements, art-making, etc...Every person is unique, so I think I need to discover my own personal prescription. But I always feel like I'm on the right path when I start seeing synchronicities every where!

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Leah, Great links as always. Still a bit emotional from that Globe article…I totally beelive in all that. One of my “philosophies” is to “pay attention to coincidence” which of course has such a deep translation to synchronicity. Love what you said about the “winks from the universe”, I will be using that one in the future!

Hi Leah,
Love the idea of God showing off and of the universe winking ! Enjoy the groove girl ! Keep up the great work with finding your own way…


This delightful entry made me smile! There are a thousand winks from the Universe happening! WINK WINK WINK :) I love this thought, this concept, this reality. I’m so glad you’re trying out all of these yoga videos. Yoga seems to play a steadying aspect to my life, when I can fit it in. The whole idea of trying to healthfully medicate ourselves with a health diet, exercise and space, it’s encouraging! I need to do more of this!

Winking back at ya Leah! *winkie wink wink* I am so grateful to you for sending that article. At the bottom is an interesting article on #41 too! Yoga has had an amazing healing influence on my life.
Have you ever tried Kundalini yoga? It is called the yoga of awareness taught by western sikhs. There is no religion involved, but it IS very spiritual with chanting and meditation at the end of each class. I have been practicing that since 1999. It actually found me *wink*wink*

Great post. I do think yoga is great for depression. It helped me so much I actually became a Certified Yoga Instructor!
I believe yoga really fuels the creative fires too. I teach yoga and art together in the same class. They just seem to feed off each other.
Keep up the wonderful posts. You are an inspiration!

Love your website!! Patty/Magpie’s Nest sent me your link!! I have always believed coincidence and intuition are like an invisible tap on the shoulder – synchronicity is a perfect term for it!!!

I wanted to wish you buckets of luck getting off your meds for depression! It can be done if you remember to nurture you and your needs in all parts of your life. And the yoga is also a perfect antidote for depression. And a good diet, can’t stress that enough, of course, I bet you know that one!

I haven’t been by in awhile and it was fun catching up again with you and all you are doing!

I love that you are finding “natural” ways to help you off the meds. Yoga/excercise in general are amazing mood lifters for me and really quiet my mind if you know what I mean.

Does she talk anything special about depression in the video? I think yoga in general is good for the mood, depression or not. Here is a link for ya my dear:

I’ve been wanting to examine the meditation and creative connection, this is a bit about that.

take care! I just visited the Blue trees – what a cool website, gallery and lots of beautiful art Leah! well done!

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