Sunny Day, Sweeping the Clouds Away

August 18th, 2008

Woo, I got totally pooped out by the sun today. It's amazing how much some time in the hot sun can zap my energy. I met up with my super, totally rockin' bff, Judean, and her adorable little girl for lunch and walking around town in the middle of the day, which was a lot of fun. I can use Judean's first name now that she's put herself out there with her own blog. Woohoo! Remember that post I wrote a few days ago about magazine envelopes? The picture in that post is of some of the letters that she sent me during her first year of college in NYC. That post inspired her to dig through some of her old letters and she found a whole bunch of letters I'd sent to her during that time, which she posted about here. We traded them today, so we could both read our own late teenage writings. Oh my, too funny. The drama, the boys, the hatred of calculus, the loneliness of the first semester of college. I loved reading our old inside jokes (even though I don't remember what they all mean) and seeing our little doodles and poems. It's so interesting to see how we've developed and how we've stayed the same and how are friendship has grown over the years. I luf you, Luf!

I've been working in little bits on that big painting on paper that I started awhile back. Her name, I believe, is Melissa. She's a work in progress. I've been doing a lot of painting and then walking away, painting and walking away. With a bigger piece, I seem to want more perspective, whereas with a smaller piece, I often finish them fairly quickly. I've always intended to have some bees flying in this painting, but they will be one of the final touches, so they're hanging out in their hive until I get to them. Right now, "Melissa" is about 19"x27" with acrylic, ink, and pencil on watercolor paper.

Popped a print in the mail today. I need to do some major updates on my art website, adding some art and prints. I want to get that done shortly along with my newsletter. I'm doing a later newsletter this month because it will cover both this month and next, since I'll be on vacation during the second half of September. If you're interested in winning a free print, do sign up for my art website newsletter (see the lower left corner of my web page, here) and you'll be eligible for the free print drawing I do each month.


  • Happy, snuggly kitty cats
  • Pink lemondade with ice in a tall glass with a straw brought to me by the handsome hubster
  • Fun times with my bff
  • Making the bff's little girl laugh
  • An "I love your blog" award from the super sweet, Paula of HappySnappy. The feeling is mutual, Paula! Thank you!!
  • A fantabulous package in the mail from Lucy of Sweet Repeats. I won a print in Lucy's recent etsy shop 1 year anniversary drawing on her blog and I was so excited by the box of treasures she sent! There were little envelopes of stamps, an atc, a Starbucks card and glass, and some of Lucy's beautiful artwork. Thank you, thank you, Lucy!
  • A lovely surprise from Tammy from Maine who sent me a sweet card and an old photo she found that she felt belonged to me. I think she's right. I already know how I'm going to use it. Thank you, Tammy dear!
  • Snail mail rocks. Much more fun than the replacement air filters I got in the mail the other day.

I've got more to chat about, but I am so tuckered out (and all over the place), so g'night! Sleep tight! And don't let the bed bugs bite! It's more like, don't let the damn mosquitoes bite! Ack! I'm getting nearly as good at catching the little buggers as the cats are at hunting moths. The hubster calls me "the hunter" now. Hehe.

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Leah: I just started my blog this week, inspired by your challenge. It is titled Pearl: The Adventures of an American Academic in Paris (; in it, I plan to track my sabbatical experiences living in this beautiful city, as well as report on my writing. I am in Paris to research a book project, but I also I plan to work on two other writing projects. Each of the three is a different stage of development. I’m also going to work on my photography. I have been getting a lot of inspiration reading your blog over the past three months, both from what you say and your art. Stop by and check out my blog, and thanks for the inspiration, Pearl

hello miz leah…how are you today?
thanks for stopping by!

Hi Leah !
I love this piece. I think I wish I had me some of the “wind” she has pushing her ! It makes me think, what will happen when she stops resisting and lets go ?

Your painting is beautiful! I’ve been lurking for a bit… and just wanted to let you know that your blog has really moved me. Creations soon…

What fun it must be to read those letters – especially cool, that you get to read yours, as well as hers.
Your Melissa painting is lovely, Leah – and bees sound like a perfect finishing touch. I have Melissa – lemon balm growing next to my bee balm, in my garden.
That glass of pink lemonade sounds perfect too – I’m craving it now :)

This new “Melissa” painting is awesome! I love the golden, floating bubbles. So unique.

Jill Caporlingua

Oh my goodness— Melissa is so beautiful.

Arrived here via your twitter. Nice blog!!!

I luf you too, luf! It’s been really special to read and share those letters–good thing we’re both pack rats!

Melissa is beautiful…like her namesake ;) and the bubble-print bubbles rock!

Even on a dreary, cold day you can be transported to a sunny beach by enjoying this unique Sunny days, sweeping the clouds away…

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