A Little Travel Shopping

September 9th, 2008

Swim_2 I don't know about you, but swimsuit shopping is not my most favorite activity. Nothing like a bathing suit to point out all your flaws and make you feel fantastic about your body. I put it off all summer under the guise that I'd get a better deal by waiting til the last minute to shop for them, but unfortunately I waited a tad too late and the department stores have sent their swimsuits away (just this morning in fact.) Poo! Well, I found a couple suits at a store that only sells swSwim2Swim3im-wear. Definitely more expensive, but also much easier to find a variety of suits in my size in every color of the rainbow. The trying on of suits was not as dreadful as I had feared and I found a couple cute swimming trunks to wear to the beach and pool. I may return one of them as they were pricey. This one on the left was sort of Marilyn Monroe-ish. It has a flattering cut that's sexy without being over the top. I've never really worn a tankini, but this one (on the right) was cute. I love the little art deco details around the edges. I got a colorful bikini too on clearance. Not all suits need to be black. I'm looking forward to being a living mermaid in the ocean and the pool and hopefully on a few waterslides too. Ha, that just reminded me that I dreamed about the most elaborate waterslides last night!

I also picked up a big straw hat (heh...I feel a little silly wearing it, I'm not a big hat wearer, but I like it) and a couple cute dresses for the wedding we'll be attending in San Fran and surrounding events. I saw this dress atOldnavy_2 Old Navy online and it's wonderfully cute in person. I'm liking the color blocking trend going on right now. It reminds me a bit of the early 90's, which means junior high, but it's not bringing back any horrid memories. I was keeping my eyes open for a pair of color blocked shoes, but couldn't find a pair I liked. This cute little dress is inexpensive, versatile, and it has pockets. Gotta love a dress with pockets I say.

I also found this fabulous dress (at a fabulous price) from Yoana Baraschi at T.J. Maxx. All this shopping cameYoanabaraschi about in a search for swimsuits. I'm really not a big shopper, but what can I say? I found some cute things today and I'm quite pleased about it. You'll just have to trust me when I say this dress is infinitely cuter in person. The grey part is a jersey knit and the shawl and bottom are this silky satin that feels so nice against the skin. Oh, and it has pockets.

Since I'm on this little fashion kick today, I couldn't help but share a link to this post from Bridget in which she uses her masterful sewing skills to recycle a sundress and transform it into a super cute shirt. I'm so impressed! I must learn how to do this sort of thing. 

There are loads of cool fashion finds on etsy to peruse such as:

Completely unrelated to shopping and fashion, I'm reading a fantastic book by Craig Ferguson right now. Yep, the same Craig Ferguson who hosts a late night talk show. I picked up the book, Between the Bridge and the River, randomly in the library and it's quite good! I really enjoy his sense of humor and the wacky web he's weaving with his story-telling. I also love that Carl Jung is a character in the book. It's in a similar irreverant style of Tom Robbins, one of my favorite authors. I was thinking it would be honeymoon reading, but I think I'll gobble the rest of the book up before we leave. I have a few books in the wings, but may opt for something light and beachy for well...the beach. We shall see. In the meantime, I'm taking my book and heading to bed. Sweet dreams!

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Hey girlie! I love those bathing suits you picked out. Very sexy. Wish I was going somewhere tropical and warm. xo

You go you shopping diva! Heehee, I hate shopping too. This weekend I went out to Value Village and found a bunch of fall thrifted items. I love that I can find some cute designer items for um, $4. Then of course the vintage stuff that is the same price but harder to find (didn’t find anything this trip). It’s the thrill of the hunt that keeps me shopping there, lol.


This shopping trip sounded so, so successful! I’m sure you will look gorgeous in your mermaid attire and the summer dresses! I’m getting more and more excited for you and this trip. It’ll be so exciting to be away, in the sun, with a book, or two or three, the hubby, and so many pretties!

*sighs* I’m grinning from ear to ear!

I’m very excited for you regarding your upcoming travels.
Hubby & I went on our honeymoon nearly a year after our wedding & the 3000 mile trip to the Rocky Mtns, Mesa Verde, Grand Canyon, Petrified Forest & Painted Desert was WELL worth the wait. I’m sure you’ll have a fabulous time.
As for swimwear – it’s all about attitude. Just enjoy being you and don’t think about what everyone looks like or thinks. I’m in a swimsuit 3 mornings a week to do my aquatic therapy, and have become mostly immune to what anyone thinks about what I look like in my suit.
I really like your choices. Don’t forget the sunscreen.;)

All your picks are fabulous and living in the land of lakes I say you can never have too many bathing suits, pricey or not…if they fit it is a good thing. Black is always classy and the whole “dark sand trapped in the material” thing will never make you look like you have mold butt! (even light sand has that annoying iron ore in it” I hear ya on the fears, there was a time when I had “stuff to strut” now I prefer to make others feel good by comparison, hee hee. Those dresses are both very fun, have someone take pictures! Bridget’s post was great and I am really amazed on how it turned out…great vision!

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