Creative Every Day: September 8th – September 14th, 2008

September 8th, 2008

CED2008 participants! Feel free to leave a comment here with a link to post(s) about your creative activities during the week of 9/8/08 - 9/14/08.

Happy creating!

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We’re still working on our house as weather and time permit… but I’ve been searching my photo files looking for inspiration for my next painting. I took a bit of time to play with a couple images in PS Elements, which I posted to my blog.

I can’t belive it’s September already and I’ve been creative almost every day for 8 months straight!? I still really enjoy my creative art cards and my pile is still growing. I’m scanning the most recent ones right now and sending them to flickr!

I have been creatively busy busy busy – I haven’t even had time to post everything yet there’s so much going on. Have a new digital SLR camera I’ll be posting about.

Meanwhile, there are art classes, and books, and poetry, and stuf stuf stuf

had such a whim today, look how cute it turned out!

It’s all about Halloween for me in the last few weeks….and cleaning my work space! Here’s what I’ve been working on…..

Just working on the “business” side of being an artist.

Much love leah,

i haven’t done much crafty/arty-wise but i have written some sketches for the performance group in just got in – so…that’s somethign creative i guess!

I’d like to do at least one art journal page a day for the rest of… well… forever! ;)

Thanks for the motivation… hope it becomes even *more* contagious! ;)

Happy week!

I have edited (and then submitted) three short plays for one competition this week (visit my blog at for excerpts of all three). I also edited and wrote new scenes for my novel FALLEN ANGEL, added two scenes to my new full-length play NAKED, and added new entries to my blog. A pretty succesful week, despite being stuck indoors for three days waiting on FedEx Man.

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