Leaving Hawaii

September 25th, 2008

flower in Maui, Hawaii

When you are in that blessed retreat, you are safe from the turmoil of life; you drowse your days away in a long deep dream of peace; the past is a forgotten thing, the present is heaven, the future you leave to take care of itself. You are in the center of the Pacific Ocean; you are two thousand miles from any continent; you are millions of miles from the world; as far as you can see, on any hand, the crested billows wall the horizon, and beyond this barrier the wide universe is but a foreign land to you, and barren of interest. -Mark Twain, on Hawaii.

This gorgeous flower was in a state park on the road to Hana yesterday. Tonight, I did a little bit of checking up with email (still loads to catch up on, but that will have to wait til I return), did some packing, and I'm getting ready to head home (flying out Thursday, getting home Friday.) I expect I'll be jet-lagged and laying low this weekend, so I plan to be back into the swing of things sometime next week. The hubster and I had an *amazing* time in Hawaii. I'll be sharing some pictures and stories from my travels soon. In the meantime, I'm waving hello from the sunny paradise of Maui. I'm missing my kitties, but otherwise could easily stay longer here. It's so lovely. Something about island life, similar to our time in Greece, has a pace and energy about it that's so hard to maintain back in New England. I'll miss that and the weather, the water, the starry skies, and of course the fun of living in a hotel. Ah, but it's been so good for both of us, so relaxing and inspiring. Hope you are all happy and healthy. Ta ta for now.

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Yeah! So, SO glad to hear the happiness in your “voice”. Have a safe trip home and we’ll see you after your settled.

P.S Wanna know what I instantly thought after reading this?! Promise me you won’t get mad? Ok, I said to myself, “she is so coming home pregnant”.

Love the Twain quote. It says so much.
Hope you have smooth travels and a restful weekend.

mmmm . . . islands are just yummy. I agree, there is something so wonderful about the pacing. And it’s not just about being on vacation: a really warm, temperate climate slows you down, makes things feel less urgent. You’re so much more in the moment . . .

The Mark Twain quote was perfect! It sounds like you’ve had a wonderfully rejuvenating time out there. I’m so glad you were able to be out there to feel the sense of time and flow that fills and moves the island life! How wonderful! :)

Enjoy the time recouping when you get home! We’ll be here, waiting to hear from you, when you’re ready :)

I opened your blog and Sighed when seeing this georgous flower. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Aren’t they all huge in Hawaii? It’s been years since I was there but I just recall how huge all the flora was… Lucky you.

I am happy that you’re having a wonderful time, Leah. Soon it will be a memory. It fades…as it has for me…and then upon returning (we will be in 5 weeks), it becomes real again. The land, the sea, the sky, the rainbows, the flowers, the smells. I will be looking forward to seeing your pictures. xxoo, O

So glad you enjoyed your time in Hawaii. I’m heading over to Kauai in about 2-3 weeks.

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I’m so glad that you had an amazing time. You’re going to have to go through some ‘reentry into the real world’ lag, next to that jet lag is a cinch.

So glad you had a great time – hope you took tons of pics!!!
Rest well and enjoy the memories~!~

i can’t wait to compare notes. we left friday and got home on saturday too. ever since we left we’ve been plotting on how to move to hawaii… ;)

Beautiful flower and so glad you had a lovely time!

Did you get a Tee shirt that says I Survived the Road to Hana?

I went in 83′ and remember it well.

God Bless, Grace and Peace to You and Yours!!!

I can’t wait to go back to Hawaii…I never had a desire to visit but once I got there I feel madly in love with the place and the culture and being surrounded by the Pacific. Pacific/peace…Mahalo

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