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September 29th, 2008

One thing I learned in Hawaii, I feel oh so much better when I live in the present moment. I'm more carefree, relaxed, and content. Have I carried this lovely way of being back home with me? Um, no. Not at all. I've been a pile of gloominess and exhaustion. No fun to be around. But I'm waking back up. Today, I danced to George Michael's "Freedom! '90" in my office and got some prints shipped off to new homes.

I'll share little bits from my trip to Hawaii in the coming weeks. One of the things that totally and unexpectedly sparked my interest was some prints I saw of the "secret" art of Dr. Seuss (Theodor Seuss Geisel). I felt a little weird about seeing them on display as they were never meant to be public, but I'm very glad to have the chance to see the reproductions, as the art is so fabulous! And of course I can't help but love all the cats in his paintings. I love the wacky, whimsical and weird quality to his work. When I got home I found a book, The Secret Art of Dr. Seuss, about this artwork on Amazon and ordered it straight away. You can purchase limited edition prints, like "Lion Stroll" above at an authorized print dealer through this company.

And how bout some quick links for ya? Why not.

  • Mark Bryan, co-author of the Artist's Way has a new blog up called The Artist's Way Daily. I believe it's being moved to a new address shortly, but he's posting there for now.
  • Cliodhna is offering a giveaway of one of her gorgeous oil cloth bags (that make me think of Hawaii). Enter by leaving a comment with a business tip or suggestion for her here.
  • Cameron sent a link to a story about an artist who lost and then found his inspiration again.
  • JoepoganbirdCarla, of Feathered Fibers posted a link to artist, Joe Pogan who sculpts animals (I love the birds!) out of found scrap metal parts. They're very cool. You can see the pieces he has available here on Flickr.

And that's all I've got in me for now. I'm slooowly, but surely catching up with email.

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I love the dr. seuss painting! so whimsical and full of color, which surprised me a little…sorry to see you had to finally come back from that idyllic land of flowers and water! I must have come just as you posted this because I dropped the connection, when it was about leaving comments on art for the week and came back and there was the new post! very synchronistic, I thought!


Beautiful Dr. Seuss painting. Thanks for the links, all.

Gotta love shakin’ the booty to some George Michael! That can usually do the trick :)

before i even read who that painting was by, i immediately thought of the truffula trees in dr. seuss’s the lorax! how amazing that you got to see his secret work. take care of yourself…we all need vacations from our vacations!

That is such a vibrant, beautiful print of Seuss’! It’s remarkable, actually! I think I was suffering from a bit travel weariness and post-vacation blues last week after our trip to NH, and it was an itty bitty trip compared to your Honeymoon in Hawaii :) Be gracious with yourself! Dancing always helps!

Glad you had a wonderful time away!

hubby and i call coming back from vacation “reentry.” sometimes it just isn’t easy! Love those birds! They’re amazing! Thanks for the link.

hi, what a beautifully strange painting! why did he keep them secret I wonder_
thanks for the link!

That is such a funky print! It’s perfect in so many ways. Love the little bird too. Thanks for sharing your discoveries.

Sometimes I don’t live in the moment because I’m still savoring the near past, not quite ready to let go. Savoring Hawaii…mmmm!

Did you see those prints in Kawaii?! I saw them in a gallery there too. I was totally awed by them! It’s always exciting to see some thing you didn’t previously know existed. I really liked the abstracts he did, just all color, so much color!

*hugs for you* Hope you can shrug off the depression. Getting back to the “real world” always takes a little bit of time. Just be easy on yourself and keep dancin’!

Two seconds after I posted I realized I completely misspelled Kauai. Silly me..

I so so love Dr. Seuss – we share the same birthday – LOL
I wish I could afford one of his prints but instead, I will just visit and look–lol.
Dancing is great – and music soothes the soul…I hope life becomes so very bright instead of trying to play catch up for you….
glad you are back~~~Ellie
p.s.I have you on my twitter – I think that is a cool way of staying in touch with others – Peace~!~

Dd loves Dr. Suess. She created a game in 6 or 8th grade with one of the books. Years later they came out with one.

Cool bird! I’ll check that link out later.

Glad to hear you are dancing again! When we came back we came back to snow on the ground.

God Bless, Grace & Peace Be Multiplied to You and Yours!!!

Have a Great Week!

Wow! Looks like you’ve been having a wonderful time.

Amazing Metel Art by Joe Pogan!

God Bless You and Yours and Your Creative Life!!!

Welcome back! It’s so great to see artist’s personal work – not the stuff they do for sale, or for a commercial audience. When I was in Venice years and years ago, they had a display of some of Picasso’s sketches – randy bawdy little squiggles, and I loved them! I enjoyed them so much more than the big paintings in museums . . .

And as for the post-vacation blues, I always feel a little down and a little overwhelmed when I come back from a really wonderful vacation. Something to the effect of “why can’t my life be like this??”

What a pleasure to share our passion for creativity in such a positive manner as you do in this blog! Thank you! As a new blogger, I was happy to view your ideas about postings. I addressed my concerns in my first post, Baby’s First Book.

My blog e-dress is:
So glad to have discovered you via 37 Days, written by an author in our neck of the woods.

In an effort to find a physical place to be creative– I started a studio nearlty two years ago where area artists can gather to paint in the warm fellowship of creative muses.
Now we have morphed into a small (yet mighty!) gallery in Hendersonville, NC. You can see us at:

So in searching on-line for the same sort of thing– I would like to link up your wonderful blog.
Put Me In Coach!

Hellloooo, anyone home (knock, knock, knock). It’s been awhile and you have me worried.

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