September 2nd, 2008

Here is "Melissa" finished. She is about 19"x26" with acrylic and ink on paper. It's a bit hard to see the bees from a distance, so I took some detail shots. too.

Melissa (my middle name) means "honey bee" in Greek and Melissas were another name for bee goddesses in ancient times. This piece developed intuitively and the red circles full of smaller gold circles made me think of bee hives. Perhaps this is a response to the decreasing number of honey bees in the world. I'm not sure, truthfully. But I do like the way it came together.

Feeling seriously sleepy today and need to get out and take in some of the beautiful sunshine. So much to get done though. Feeling overwhelmed is never fun. Last night was an adventure. The hubster had punctured his hand when trying to shuck an oyster (I came to the rescue and shucked the rest of the oysters. Turns out, I'm a master shucker. Missed my calling. Heh.) He made a delicious seafood gumbo. Quite a feast. But afterwards his hand was swelling up and very sore, so he drove down to the emergency room and later I met him there. He had to get a temporary cast put on, antibiotics in an i.v. and pain meds. All this for gumbo. I asked him if it was all worth it and he said absolutely yes, so there you go.

Errands are calling my name! Hope you had a marvelous weekend!

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“Melissa”, your bee goddess, is beautiful, Leah ! If the honey bees could see the work you were inspired to do in their honor, maybe they would fly back to us ? If only creating art could solve all the world’s problems…hmmm?
Hope your hubster’s hand heals quick!

this piece is so gorgeous finished! i especially love the circles in the beehive/trees.
i’ve nominated your blog for an award.. please click below for details…


Sorry about your husband hurting
his hand. Hope it heals fast.

Love the painting! It’s Awesome!
Maybe they need to stop moving the honey bees inside trucks.If one is infected it infects the lot of them.
When I was a kid my step-father brought
honey bees home that swarmed his truck on
the outside not the inside.

I’ve been creating everday but can’t put photos up at the moment.


Ive just discovered your blog, stunning art Leah, so very lovely xx

Absolutely gorgeous!

Poor guy! It must have been some incredible gumbo :) I hope his hand heals up quick!

This painting is delightful! She is just gorgeous and I love all the little houses the trees are planted in. The gold is perfect, I’m such a fan :)

Just made a connection. There’s a certain Waterhouse quality to the women in your paintings. No wonder I love your art! Glad you did the close ups. The bees are perfect.

love those “hive” things – there’s something about them that really calls to me – is Melissa in a wedding dress?

mmm, lovely

Wow, I had to comment, just to say how wonderful the red and gold of her hair and the hives (I see trees, too, but maybe that’s just me) stands out against those blues… and then my a.d.d. kicked in and I got to thinking that the dress reminds me of some of the ones on , that’s where I got my wedding dress and I was just thinking about it earlier today… at any rate, beautiful piece. And I hope husband feels better soon!

I love this….bee goddess indeed

Hi there!

Hmmm, I think this will tie in perfect with my next bee-spotting post when I post about my new bee-day present…you and my husband buzzing around beehind my back and all!

My present is gorgeous and am so thrilled to own another “Leah”. It just made my day as soon as I opened up the box and saw the sticker on the card….I just knew what I was getting!

lots and lots of xo’s

Hi Leah,

I love your imagination and how it plays its way out in your art. I have been concentrating on writing lately, but I always get inspired to do more artwork when I look at your blog.

I love your work, and your generosity for sharing it with us!

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