Need I say more?

September 15th, 2008

Yesterday, we arrived in Oahu. Waiting for our room we went out to the pool bar and I got this.

Best. drink. ever.

Having a blast. :-)

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Looks Delish! Hope you guys have so much fun!

Your drink looks yummy. I know you and your hubby are going to enjoy Hawaii.

so, when you stood up, could you still walk?! Have a grand honeymoon!

Hope you have an amazing time!

You’re THERE! YAY! It’s all just starting—a FANTASTIC honeymoon…I am so excited for you, Leah! Aloha nui loa, O

I stumbled upon your blog and am loving browsing through your artistic treasures! By the way that drink looks Amazing!

Yep…looks absolutely amazing. :D

oh good for you dahling!
have a groovy time!

On the other side of the world, jumping up and down, so happy for you. *big grin*

completely jealous. glad you are finding paradise!

soooo jealous!!!! hope you’re having a grand ‘ole time. aloha!

Oh wow! A pineapple cup AND an orchid? Too cool!
Happy honeymooning to you and your hubster!

Yum! I so wish I was you right now! I hope you both have a wonderful honeymoon. =]

is that a pina colada? sigh. when i was in hawaii i was freakin pregnant and could not imbibe. but even the virgin ones are delish! enjoy this time xxx


Yummm….that looks so good! I can’t wait to take a vacation! Have fun!

have one on me!





You’ve got to be kidding me :) That drink looks absolutely DIVINE!

So glad you’re having a proper honeymoon deary! Miss you!

Oh, So happy your having a great time!
The drink looks so yummy!

GOD Bless You and Yours!!!

OMG I want one now.LOL

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