AAA: Animals, Art, and AEDM

October 31st, 2008

Happy Halloween! I saw these tampon ghosts on the whip-up blog and cracked up. Ew, I just thought about putting ketchup on them, like they were bloody ghosts. Ha! Gross!

Um, so, anyways, I'm not one to dress up my pets, but it can be rather funny to see animals in costume. South Park's latest two-part episode made fun of the movie Cloverfield. The plot involved Peruvian flute bands and the monsters they protected the world from. It was all pretty silly, but what absolutely killed me was that the "monsters" were live-action guinea pigs that were made to look enormous. They were SO cute! The plot continues and other monsters arrive, such as giant bees...which turn out to be guinea pigs in bumble bee costumes. I was laughing so hard watching it that I nearly cried. Here's a link to a pic of "the most horrible monster of all," the guinea pirate.

Speaking of ridiculously cute, I can't help but share some kitty pics today. I realize I've been sharing a lot of cat pics and videos lately. No particular reason, just feeling the kitty love. So, this is my oldest cat, Sadie who is a wonder-snuggler, monster-purrer, super love bug. Sadie, like many cats, loves bags. She enjoyed making a nest in this one, above. And here's my big boy, Tabbers, who teaches me how to be completely and totally relaxed. In this pic, he's sleeping on our new Angela Adams duvet cover that the hubster and I are totally loving right now.

O.k. enough of this kitty business. I'm working on two sketchbook swap projects at once at the moment. For the first one, I recently did some ink blots (with acrylic paint) that I planned to create something from. Here are the first two ink blots. What do you see in them? I've already done something with one and I'll share that later.

Sketchbookswapgoldpurple      Sketchbookswapredblue

For the second swap, I'm doing something in a journal for the "Do Not Leave Unattended" sketchbook project. I created this drawing which I'll be putting into the journal. I'd been doodling octopuses and then imagining them as umbrellas.

The paper I drew on was from a late 19th century journal where it appears that quotes and poetry where written in German. I love the look of the script.

Art Every Day Month (AEDM) begins tomorrow and I'm so excited about it! I've put the AEDM participants up in the sidebar to the right (just above the CED participants), so if you've joined in, please double check that I have you up there. I may have left you off the list entirely by accident, so just let me know if you should be up there or if you've decided to join in, let me know that too by commenting or emailing me (my email link is in the top left sidebar.) Also, feel free to join in the AEDM flickr group to share pictures of your creations!

I'm working away on a painting. The purple painting from this week has completely transformed and continues to do so. Perhaps I'll share it with you tomorrow. In the meantime, have a safe evening. And I'll be seeing you tomorrow for the start of AEDM! Hooray!

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I am not on there. I am still going to participate, if that is ok. I have joined the flickr group a while ago. I am excited about the project. I have so many things to finish before Christmas.

I see it, duh! sorry.

love love love the kitty photos – they are adorable – makes ya just want to snuggle – doesn’t it!!
Love the new kind of umbrellas – hmmm
enjoy halloween – Ellie

Is it too late to sign up for AEDM?

I know it is a big commitment, but I’d love to try it!

Please add me to your links list…I’m in!

3 minutes left oh oh, hope I am not too late?? I would love to sign up Leah, and thank you, it’s exactly what I needed! Cheers Carol

I’m going to give the AEDM a try. Today I took my sketch book up on the scaffolding & was drawing between helping DH put up siding! I kid you not when I tel you I’m creative EVERY day.

I added your image to my blog and will be back often – I loved the idea of nanowrimo and am SO pysched you made a place for us artists to do a similar thing. thanks so much!
Looking forward to a month of creative fun. . . .

Oh that ghost made me laugh!
Love the octopus umbrellas – and the kitties, of course!
I’m still trying to be creative everyday – but I’m not sure if I could say I was doing ART everyday…
Anyway, Happy Halloween, Leah!

Hi Leah. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Yes, please sign me up for the list of participants. Looking forward to getting started… right about now!

Hi Leah – add me in – despite work I plan to participate! Thanks!

I’m a scaredycat (not too fond of ghosts), but that tampon ghost is hilarious! I like your octopus umbrella, Leah. It’s whimsical. Once again, thank you very much for creating AED and so generously give us your time in organizing this :)

I totally love this one Leah! Love the idea of the octopusses being umbrellas on the old writing. So cool!

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