Art Every Day Month, November 2008, Coming Oh So Soon!

October 14th, 2008

I just finished up a great call with the Co-Active Coaching Network's Creative Artist's group where I chatted about the Art Every Day Month project. And now, I'm even more excited for November to begin!

I have a blurb about Art Every Day Month (AEDM) and a logo in the sidebar, but I've also created a page (linked to here and in the sidebar) with the general details about the project including links to tutorials about how to post the logo. Here's a real quick summary for you:

  • AEDM is a low-pressure, flexible challenge that runs every November in which I encourage folks to bring more creativity into their every day lives.
  • I encourage doing something every day, but it's not required! If you do something once a week or once during the month, that's great! Make the challenge work for you.
  • I will be posting something every day on my blog (and in a photo album in the sidebar).
  • Art is meant in the broadest sense: paint, write, sculpt, photograph, decorate, doodle, cook, sew, knit, whatever!
  • Join in by commenting or emailing me with your name and blog. If you don't have a blog, you can still join in!

Check out the page for more info. I'll post a link to a recording of the phone call when it's ready. I was super nervous about the call, but it was a lot of fun. Thanks to Jenn and Kathy, co-leaders of the Creative Aritst's Coaching group, for the great call!

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Yes, I want to join! I’m thinking about writing every day for NaNoWriMo but as that is creative too I know I’ll be creative every day! :-)

Sounds like fun- can’t wait to get started!

I am interested in Creative Every Day Challenge as well as the AEDM project starting in November. This kind of community is just what I have been looking for!

Think I have said it before but I will be joining in this year with the AEDM challenge.
You can view my work at

I don’t understand about the logo thing – do we put it on our blog to say we are taking part in the AEDM?

I would like to join AEDM! Yes! Thanks you!

Hi Leah -I discovered your Art Every Day Month icon on Cynthia Morris’ Original Impulse blog. I love this idea…and I appreciate your open to it not being everyday, and/or it not being just “art” in the traditional sense. I start November with a calligraphy workshop the 1st & 2nd. This will be good inspiration to do something creative every day. I don’t have a blog at this time, so I’m not sure the best way to participate. I was going to e-mail you, but could not get your actual e-mail address. I would love to learn a bit more. Thanks!

hi leah! i discovered your positively enriching youtube video, blog, and web site while reading jennifer lee’s blog. i am so excited about aedm in november. i need to participate in it for so many reasons. please include me in this wonderful experience. i am so grateful and blessed to have made a connection with you and everyone who will be participating in aedm this year. stay blessed. happy anniversary. peace and creativity, ananda

contact info: ananda leeke
blog –
email –

Please count me in! *^v^*

I’m just starting to put some of my creative expressions online, and would also like to join in on being creative every day!

Hey Leah – I joined the call yesterday mostly because of the serendipty of my conversation with my friend Sandi (who told me about it) and then all those other little overlaps I told you about, but after sitting in I thought: “I really should do this again …it really was a fun exercise …” So I’m going to. Art Ever Day(ish) … I’m in. :) Deb

Going to try and do this, count me in :)

you can count me in also. :)

you can count me in also. :)

Yes please! I’m IN! :o )

I would love to join AEDM! thanks for such a wonderful idea!!!

I would like to join but I do not have a blog

I am going to do that but as I am very busy mum it will be only twice a week! this is great challenge by the way!

I thing itd’ great idea to being creative every day! So I would like to join ‘Art Every Day Month’ project. It’s inspiring!
I write my blog on polish, but I would also like to put there some of my visual art.

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