Back from the Big Apple

October 20th, 2008

We had a great weekend in NYC, visiting the hubster's family and then heading into the city to surprise my brother for his 29th birthday. I snapped this picture on the way into town with my iphone. Didn't quite work, but you'll have to trust me when I say that the city was looking spectacular all lit up. That green smudge up top is not a U.F.O., but the empire state building. Somewhere in the outskirts we saw a building that had "Vote Obama" in gigantic lit up letters taking up one entire side.That was cool.

After a weekend full of travel and socializing I was seriously exhausted when we got home last night and today felt like a day of introvert-style recovery. This evening I followed my urge to draw by sketching out faces I saw on television, in magazines and online for fun. Here's one of them (above.)

I used a new journal (decorated with kitty faces) to draw faces in. I plan to use this journal while reading Denise Linn's Soul Coaching which I'll be doing along with Jamie's online book group. If you're interested in joining in, you can check out all the details here. I think the book will be helpful as I do Art Every Day Month next month and I'm looking forward to both challenges!

Speaking of AEDM, I'm enjoying visiting the blogs of some of the folks who signed up to participate and wanted to share some of the fabulous things I found!

I'm off to relax and then catch some z's. Hope you had a wonderfully creative weekend!

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I would like to participate in AEDM. Thank you for offering this opportunity!


I will be with you at the soul coaching – I am very excited about it!!!
Have a great evening

I can’t remember if I signed up or not. I did join the flickr group, I know that much.

Leah: Thanks for the notice. I joined NaBloMoPo–so that should get me writing even more and cross-referencing. I’ll have to get hold of the Denise Linn book in the States: can’t find it here and can’t find it in audio-book format. It looks excellent, though.

I’m so psyched about November! I can’t wait to see your art every day and share Soul Coaching with you!

I’m looking forward to the Soul Coaching myself – I decided it would actually work well with AEDM.

~Paula waves while she jumps up and down~

Welcome back!

I´m all set. Got my AEDM logo at the side bar in my blog:

*Paula sits and waits patiently till November 1st*

*Paula eats cookies while waiting*

*Paula giggles and shouts: IT¨S COOKIE TIME!, just like the Cookie Monster*


It sounds like it was quite the trip over to NYC :) Whoohoo! I would have loved to seen the huge lit VOTE FOR OBAMA! I get excited just thinking about it. I hope you’re recovering beautifully from the full weekend, darling!

I’d love to participate in AEDM, please add me to your list. I’m excited and more than a little scared!

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