Creative Every Day: October 6th – October 12th, 2008

October 6th, 2008

CED2008 participants! Feel free to leave a comment here with a link to post(s) about your creative activities during the week of 10/6/08 - 10/12/08.

Happy creating!

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Come over to see some mandalas and what we’ve been up to at Mandala Oasis group… Mandala Peace Project.
Besides the mandalas, I’ve been painting, and joined an art class near my home. More drawing from still life..very structured and academic which will help improve my skills for painting faces!!
Life is good when we are keeping time for creativity!

I’m a week behind so I’ll submit this new painting for the week.

Love ya Leah,

Whoo boy! I’ve been creative! I’ve begun participating in The Big Draw for October – and I’ve written another poem – yes, a poem!again! I have a 29day giving challenge where I’m giving away books if you’re interested. I have this painting in mind….that I hope to get to today. I have two art classes coming up soon. Oooo my! I’m on a roll…. And I can hardly wait for Art Every Day Month!

Thank You for the opportunity. Creativity is a major part of my life. Have been in the process of creating two stores on Etsy. *Just for now, stalled on the stores, while all sorts of ideas for new pieces of art are “asking” to be born.* This will be a grand outlet and my first of it’s kind. A resource to be reminded and enlightened. ~~~beej

Since I have been bitten by the photography bug I am attempting to stretch my artistic wings and try different techniques and ideas. So my contribution to Creative Everyday this week is my first attempt at using the Through-the-Viewfinder (TtV) technique. It was a little challenging but LOADS of fun. This will hopefuly be the first of many TtV posts.

I’ve been working on some acrylic and faux encaustic pieces; 14 x 18 (ish).

And moving my Reciprocal Links to a separate page which contain bios and thumbs. Drop me a line if anyone wishes to drop each other a link.

oh… here is the Reciprocal Links url if interested

Here is my first crochet work.

I haven’t completed any art recently so I did a post called (some of) the things I love, and included some photographs – it was a creative statement of gratitude:)

I posted a sketch in sepia ink this week and did some experimenting with photography.

I have been doing many creative adventure this week!

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