Feeling Colorful

October 29th, 2008

I saw this rainbow yesterday and it totally made my afternoon. I thought, "lucky day! a rainbow!" And even before I saw the rainbow, I felt more colorful yesterday than I have in awhile. I played in a sketchbook that came as part of a sketchbook swap, I drank cocoa and did yoga (not simultaneously), I babysat my bff's little girl and played silly games, and cooked a yummy dinner. The rainbow seemed to symbolize a little shift in me and I so appreciated this timely wink from the universe. I love sharing links and even though I just shared a bunch yesterday, I have more to share today, so here we go:

  • I was thrilled to be interviewed by Christine Valters Paintner of Abbey of the Arts about my artwork and spirituality. The interview, along with some of my art, is up on her site today! Thanks so much for the interview, Christine!
  • I'm such a big fan of Patti Digh's writing and this post is a great example of why. It's literally full of magic and inspiration! If you enjoy it, be sure to check out Patti's latest book release, Life is a Verb!
  • Artist and author, Christine Mason Miller is selling some lovely new miniature originals and she's also offering some great giveaways. Check out this post for details.
  • Hanna has shared an ultra cool, handmade, letter stamp set on her blog. Love it! I want to make one for myself! You can see the pics of her process here and here.
  • Here's a fun way to make your own photoshop brushes courtesy of the One Good Bumble Bee blog.

And now I'm off to ship out some artwork and do some errands (cat litter and vedgies and seltzer, oh my!)

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It seems like everyone is on Etsy. I didn’t use it because they charge an upload fee. Do you recomment it? I’m about to start using Artbreak. They only charge 7% of your commissions. I haven’t uploaded anything yet because I’m not sure about photo/matte prices.

i loved reading your interview at abbey of the arts! thank you for sharing these great links and sharing yourself everyday!!!

I too loved the interview, Leah! I enjoyed getting to know more about you and your work. xxoo, O

every time I see a rainbow it just sparks a little something inside of me – I have always felt that way ever since I can remember – rainbows always held a magical feeling to me –
thanks for sharing your feelings about the rainbow – enjoy your tomorrow!

Thanks for all the fabulous links!

Beautiful rainbow. It captures nature’s inspiration.

Fab interview! I also use the word Universe. The pieces featured were spell-binding.

~Faerie Wings and Witchy Things~

I so love the post that Patti wrote on fairies…thanks so much for leading me there this morning!

I loved your interview; it was so interesting and from a very different perspective than most artist interviews.
This post was Full of great links!
Thanks Leah!

I just found you, through a post in http://mousenotebook.blogspot.com/ and would really like to be included in the AEDM group for this November. It sounds like a fun way to push myself a little. I’m looking forward to reading through your blog, once I get back from work and have a little free time.

Great links you put up. Your blog is so informative. Rainbows are great and winks from the universe are great! They always make my day when it happens.

Hi Leah, i would like to join your art every day month and created a blog just for this purpose. Nothing to see or read their yet, but I plan on posting something daily during november at http://papercord.wordpress.com/ ! Thank you!

Wonderful interview Leah…It was great to hear about your process and get to know you better. I really like that you start each piece by giving yourself permission to make “bad” art! What freedom!

Thank you so much for the shout out Leah!! Now I’m going to check out your interview. Blessings…Christine

It’s amazing how little symbols pop up on us just when we need it the most to let us know, we are in fact going in the right direction. Thanks for sharing all the links in this post-looking forward to checking them out :)

you’re right! Patty’s book is awesome. Having read it through I keep it bedside to browse now…off to read our interview.

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