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October 14th, 2008

Yesterday afternoon, the hubster and I celebrated our anniversary by heading into town and having lunch at the posh Four Seasons. We ate at the more casual lounge, the same place we ate dinner at the night after our wedding when we were on our mini-moon. The food we had that night was one of our favorite meals of all time and the highlight of it was the complimentary dessert they gave us as a sweet happy wedding gesture. We were SO full from dinner that night and had decided not to order dessert when this lovely little cake arrived at our table, presented to us on a plate with the word "Congrats!" written in chocolate. So we said to eachother, "Oh, we'll just have a couple bites." Forgetaboutit! The cake, in the shape of an over-sized candy bar, was the most glorious Boston cream pie I've ever tasted. So, we went back to the same restaurant for lunch to celebrate our anniversary and to hopefully have another taste of that magnificent cake. Thankfully, they had it. And oh, it was good. I should have taken a picture of it, but I was way to excited to think of that.

Benfranklinbirthplace After lunch, we walked all over, visiting a book store (for me) and an antique coin shop (for the hubster) and we also took a peek at Ben Franklin's birth place which the hubster had read about while we were lounging around on our honeymoon last month. In the picture on the left, you can see a bust in the center building of Ben Franklin. It's across the street from the Old South Meeting House downtown. It was such a nice day and we saw people following the Freedom Trail and cooling down after a race that ran around the Commons.

CommonsI'm feeling a little off balance about the time. After being away for half of September, I missed a chunk of New England fall and so I'm a bit surprised by how far along we are in the season. It's like I looked up and all of the sudden it's full-on-fall! The trees are oh so pretty. It was fun just strolling around, holding hands, and marveling over the fact that a year has passed since our wedding.

The afternoon was full of sports watching. The Red Sox are in the playoffs and the Giants (the hubster is from NY) were on at night. And they both lost. That was a bummer. We managed to cheer ourselves up by taking the top tier of our wedding cake out of the freezer for a slice. That was kinda fun. A bit too much cake for one day though. lol.

Later in the evening, I played with paint on two different pieces, including this piece, "Underwater Tea Party." I had done the drawing earlier on a piece of watercolor paper and last night, after working on a larger painting, I used the leftover paint along with some ink to finish up this piece. I've been drawing little versions of this in my sketchbook and would like to do another piece along these lines. It was inspired by memories of underwater tea parties in the pools of my friends when we were kids. Did anyone else do that? We didn't take tea pots or dresses into the pool or anything, it was all imaginary, but we'd sit on the floor of the pool and pretend to pour tea and eat cookies. And later we'd pretend to be mermaids.

Gotta go figure out what's for dinner! Oh, but one more thing. I've created a couple new buttons for AEDM which will also live on the AEDM page. I've been using the same button for first 5 years with a change of color, so it felt like it was time to have something new. You can still use the old button or grab one of the new ones. It's up to you!


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I adore your underwater tea party. So dreamy and watery. And the cup is floating away. :)

I’m IN.

Loving Big Draw this month and Nov will just continue with Creative Everyday…which Big Draw means too as far as I’m concerned! ;-)

Like the ladies underwater with their tea pot.

I absolutely LOVE the underwater tea party. That is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.

Sounds like a lovely time. Just luvin’ the underwater tea party, so whimsical :D

Reminds me of Mary Poppins tea party on the ceiling, but sadly I haven’t tried either. Curious to see if others have.

happy anniversary love. what better way to celebrate than mindblowing cake ;) xo

I love your underwater tea party! I never did that as a kid, but I pretended to be a mermaid every time I got near the water. Sometimes, I even tied my legs together so that I had to swim as though I had a tail–later on, I was able to swim like that without the string. =)

Loooove the underwater tea party. I did used to do that. Fun!

The four seasons~ what fun! I am glad you had a great time.
Boston is so beautiful. It is the perfect city ~ there is always so much to do and see.

Leah, I absolutely love your “Underwater Tea Party” painting! It really put a smile on my face…and lord knows I need a smile these days! Great job! Love it and I love being a part of this amazing talented bunch of people here!
Cheers to all!

Leah, I love your “Underwater Tea Party” it’s amazing! Great Job! and thanks for sharing. I love being a part of this group and sharing with all you amazing artists out there! Cheers to all!

yes, I used to do this. I think it would have been more fun with a teapot, though!

I only just discovered your site…am I correct in understanding that a new year of this project starts next month? If so, I would love the opportunity to play along with you all! Your work is just beautiful…I’m enjoying looking around here.

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I LOVE this drawing/painting of yours. The Underwater tea party. It has to be my favorite. I had to come and comment on it. :)

sounds like you all had a grand anniversary –
love the new badges for AEDM
have a great friday!!

Love your mermaid tea party painting, and YES we did do that as kids, my best friend and her sister, and my sister, we’d play for endless hours, or until someone told us our lips were too blue and we had to get out of the pool… thanks for that wonderful memory!

I really like your site here, I’ve only seen a little bit but it’s so creative, informative and newsy…

Great idea! Sign me up! : )

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