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October 28th, 2008

  • So proud of Jenn for her first t.v. appearance talking about life coaching. Yay, Jenn! You can see it here. Also, be sure to check out the project Jenn is participating in  called "Kiss the Paper," which presents the illustrations of two sisters creating a response to a prompt from Jenn.
  • Modish has some great articles up about internet marketing for crafty entrepreneurs. I enjoyed this one and this one.
  • Over at Queen of Arts, Kim has a tutorial and info about the colorful rocks she's painting and leaving out for strangers to find. They're gorgeous and I love the way she's spreading the love!!
  • I just came upon the blog, Creativity Prompt which is all about sharing fun tutorials and creative sparks! There are a lot of journal tutorials there that make great use of re-cycled materials. I'd been thinking I'd do more creative prompts for next year's Creative Every Day challenge, so it was great to find this site full of creative ideas!
  • Sharon of the Authentic Art Visions blog has a great podcast about contemporary art in D.C. and beyond. She interviews people in the art world and discusses issues such as framing, art collecting, and decorating trends. You can find the podcast, the AAV Artcast here or through iTunes.
  • Melissa of Wild Wondrous Wanderings has a new litter of kittens (squirmy wormers) at home. So adorable! Warms my kitty-lovin' heart!
  • Loved this post by Brandi at the Wishstudio blogzine about how you are always an artist.
  • This morning, I woke up to a window full of bright, bright orange. I thought it was the sun in my morning fogginess, but it was a tree bursting with autumn leaves. The dark wood behind it and rain sparkled leaves made such a gorgeous picture that it made me smile.
  • Sweet, snuggly kitties.


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Came across your blog from Serena Lewis ( )…LOVE IT.

Count me in the Art Every Day challenge. I really need it.


Thanks for the shout. I’d love my prompt to be shared and I wish you will come back to visit and share your creations with me :)

our leaves turned last night – today there is wind wind wind – I think they are all going to get blown away before I get a chance to see blocks of lovely color. =[ I’m priming for November AED!

I’ve read so many great posts lately, and then you add some more as usual – thanks! I didn’t have the energy to make a blog post about everything interesting I’ve read but sometimes I feel like I have to tell people everything. Now I’m “letting go” of that thought today, I hope it works out. :-)

Your blog is a favrite Leah, I hope you know that.

i love all the information you share. i will check these sites out.
i love the colors of fall as well. i will miss the color of the leaves..
xoxo nita

great links – I will defintely be checking them out – LOVE THE KITTIES they look so soft and cuddly!!!
take care

Hey Leah !
Thanks so much for including me in your great list of inspirational blogs ! It means so much to me !
I started giving out my rocks as a way to feel better about myself and to make my world a little brighter. Like that pebble thrown in the water, it is now rippling out and touching many more people with little moments of love. So very cool ! I feel very priviledged and very grateful to be involved in this little “Rock My World” project (it grew into that on it’s own, somehow.) Who knows where it will take us ? I do know for sure now though, that love is the answer…whatever the question.

Cheers and thanks again !

Thanks for all the awesome links! Can’t wait to check them all out!

All this was very helpful, thanks! Just the kind of thing for a struggling-entrepreneur like me!


Thanks for including me in your list of inspirational blogs! This actually came at a time when I am having a rather challenging week.

It brought a ray of sunshine! I am looking forward to participating in my month of creativity!


I love the rock tutorial on Queen of Arts blog. What a great blog.

Leah, thanks for including me too :) ! YAY! Found some really cool new sites with your help.

~You’re so glittery~

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