The Weekend Update

October 11th, 2008

Aemlogo So, I have some fun news to share! I'm going to be leading a discussion about "Art Every Day Month" (AEDM) on a call for a Creative Artists Coaching group on the Co-Active Network. It's a free call and if you're interested, you can register here. It's happening this Tuesday at 9 A.M. Pacific time. I'll be chatting about what I've learned through the past 5 years of doing AEDM, how powerful the group energy is, how the process aids self-discovery, and I'll be leading a fun exercise that can help you get started when you're feeling uninspired.

Jennifer Lee, coach, artist, and author extrordinaire invited me to lead the call. Jenn has participated in AEDM and one of the pieces she worked on during that process developed into the Right-Brain Business Plan e-book. Jenn was recently interviewed by Kimberly Wilson for her Hip Tranquil Chick Podcast (which you can listen to here) and she was kind enough to mention AEDM and the Creative Every Day website. Thanks so much for that Jenn!! What a lovely surprise that was. I love the idea behind the Right-Brain Business Plan (it's so up my alley!) and it was very inspirational to hear more about it.

I'm about to head into town for a lavish wedding. Last night I attended an over-the-top-fancy rehearsal dinner for 100, that probably cost more than my entire wedding. The groom is Indian and as we entered I was given a scarf and a bracelet and the hubster was given a red and gold turban. That was fun. We were on the roof of a hotel with spectacular views of the city and treated to an amazing dinner. At the end, all the women were given pearl necklaces. Holy moly! The wedding is tonight and we may stay in town. I'd love to check out the new parks that were opened up recently (part of the never-ending Big Dig) and even though we just got back from our honeymoon, our first wedding anniversary is Monday, so it would be nice to be in town to celebrate! With that, I'm off. Hope you're having a wonderfully creative weekend!

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CONGRATS on the leading discussion about AEDM – what a great opportunity for you…that is exciting!
That wedding sounds lavish – very cool – take pictures if you get a chance – pearl necklaces just blows me away!
Also CONGRATS on the wedding anniversary coming up – CELEBRATE and ENJOY!!!
Take care–Ellie

How wonderful for you I’m so happy for you. I can’t wait to see the progress of how this whole thing will turn out let us hear about it too. I have been wanting to tell you that I’m having a giveaway on my blog if you’re interested. have a great day.

congrats on the interview – what wonderful recognition of your community building! I’d love to join but I’ll be in the midst of glass and fire and hopefully some beads – but I’ll think of you!

If one can’t call will there be a mp3 to listen too later? I’d sooooo love to hear you talk Leah!

I’m looking forward to our call tomorrow!!! And yes, we will post a recording of the call on our community site – I’ll make sure to share the link with you, Leah. Thanks!

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