What I Saw

October 26th, 2008

This is the next stage in the painting I shared here after I did some more work with it on Friday. I SO loved hearing what you guys saw in the first strokes of this painting. That sort of thing fascinates me. It's fun to see where our imaginations can take us. I also loved hearing what you did with the intuitive art exercise!! So you can now see what I was seeing in the brushstrokes. I saw a woman with her hand to her heart, singing. And in the salt-made patterns, I saw what looked like the patterns of butterflies. She's not done yet, but I like the direction she's going in.

In this moment, I'm wearing pony tails in my hair and comfy clothes. I'm sitting in a pile of blankets and the hubster is next to me on his laptop checking his fantasy football stats. There's a sleepy kitty with us, the fish tank is lit up and alive with life, and there are street lights glowing through the windows. I'm cozy and full. There's laundry in the dryer. I feel like I'm fighting a cold. Generally, I'm quite happy and relaxed, this weekend was ultra relaxing. I'm looking forward to doing a little art supply shopping in preparation for AEDM. I don't need much, but I'm going to pick up a few fun accessories to play with. Wee! I hope your weekend was full of creative goodness!

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I am glad I saw the woman too but I am fascinated that you saw butterflies – how very cool!!!
sounds like you cannot get any more relaxed or cozy – enjoy it all!!!

Its great to see what you saw too but in many ways as a piece of art I prefer the more mysterious Friday version – full of hidden promise.

“I’m cozy and full”


am looking forward to aedm – feels like there’s a backload of paintings clamoring and I haven’t made time for them. aedm is always time for painting not clay. Looking forward to it!

Liking the butterflies and the upward movement!

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