Art Every Day Month, November 16th

November 16th, 2008

Today is the 16th day of Art Every Day Month. You are doing beautifully. Keep on creating and also remember to celebrate what you've done instead of discounting what you haven't!

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"How does one become a butterfly?" she asked pensively
"You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar."
-Trina Paulus

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Lovely quote – and so true that we often have to give something up to be creative – to grow.

ok – I’m caught up and back on track and determined to stay there (not because of rules – you are generous with your lack of them, but because this always jump starts a ton of creativity with me)…and I, too, like the first commenter, LOVE that quote. I think I will have to steal it and use it on my blog some day!

And speaking of that quote (from ‘hope for the flowers,’ right?) (i loved that book when i was a kid) … sometimes the ‘wanting to fly’ part feels so bloody nebulous … you just want SOMETHING but you’re not sure what it is – just that it’s something else – so you hang in there caterpillering until it actually hurts too much, and that’s when you start to move differently … and that’s when the idea of flying starts to come into focus.

(i think that art and writing and living creatively are part of how we get to the something else …)

(just my 2 cents of deepiosity on a sunday morning) :)

It’s snowing this morning and the car parked in the driveway is covered.

A good day to want to give up being a caterpillar and fly away!

Perfect quote Leah! thanks :o ) now where did I put those wings??? Happy Sunday!

I love this quote. Being a caterpillar can be so comfortable and cozy and the thought of really “flying away” as a butterfly can be so scary, especially when you realize the amount of time and change that is involved.

Another great weekend involving making art every day. :)

Powerful quote in a soft and gentle message….love it, leah…

today, speaking of caterpillars, I took pictures of every rose in bloom in my garden. (for my garden strollers, as well) I have been drawing and painting so much more prolifically and owe that to AEDM! It has created almost a life-style change, most especially a mind SET change!


I read the quote and got a funny feeling in my tummy.

I painted a fairy! Fine, it’s not a butterfly, but it’s pretty close.

Does that count as synchronicity?

Leah, the quotes have been giving me such hope and inspiration this month. I’m so glad you are doing that. Thank you.

I have mostly been doing my photography and focusing on my edits. I think it has been helping.

the butterfly makes me think of how transformative art can be when we share it with others. that’s how i felt today while i worked with a woman and her two daughters on collages in howard university hospital’s break room. it was wonderful to see how the mother connected with the collage of candles and faith message. the daughters smiled as their mom enjoyed the collage. they were all butterflies to me. calm and peaceful butterflies.

oh leah! that’s a very VERY beautiful quote!

i was a bit hesitant in including my post for today’s aedm… i did paint some rocks and decorated a new journal… but my post isn’t actually really about the creation of those things… it’s actually the most personal post i’ve ever written. you’ve been warned.

new display at the gallery that shows my work

experimented digital painting of a flower today

I kept getting distracted reading other’s posts, that it took me awhile to do my own comment! I did a little drawing on my creation station blog – fun to see the goddesses come together! Love the quote as well.

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